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Everyday Linen Napkins in Earth Red

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
Brand Fair + Simple
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Brand’s Story

Give a meaningful gift with the Fair + Simple gift card. Recipients can redeem for ANY single item in their cause-based collection of high quality, beautifully designed goods. Every item comes with a story and is ethically sourced from companies that give back. Take the guess work out of giving!

More Information

Washable and natural, these linen napkins are designed for everyday use in your home.  Enjoy the practicality of reusable napkins while cutting down on waste.  A narrow hem adds interest to the edge. 

Comes in a set of four.

  •  Dimensions  

    11" x 11" 

  •  Materials

    100% European linen, low impact dye

  •  Origin   

    Made in America at a women-owned factory in Portland, Oregon that champions visible, domestic production and high quality work.


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