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Hand-Beaded SAWA USB Charging Lanyard

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
Brand SAWA
SKU 3835_5RWB-00-95
Brand’s Story

Cool and unique technology accessories made of upcycled paper handcrafted beads. SAWA fuses tech-fashion with impact, empowering women at-risk in Kenya.

More Information

We employ at-risk women artisans and provide them with fair living wages, healthcare and an education program for their children. Thanks to your purchases we have employed 40 women in-need in Kenya, Africa.

Product Description:

  • Compatible with charging Apple or Android Devices (Mini USB).
  • Uses Traditional Kenyan Maasai beading techniques. 
  • Customizable for corporate and charity gifts as well as events! Inquire to 

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