Meet the Team

Cullen Schwarz
co-founder and chief of good thoughts
Michigander and recovering politico who turned to entrepreneurship to avoid wearing suits every day. Philosophy major who lives by the teachings of Camus, de Beauvoir and the Dude. Passionate about people using their dollars to create change and galvanizing the movement. When he retires, plans to "move to the jungle to write books."
Scott Jacobsen
co-founder and club president
Philly native who breaks into song at the most awkward moments. Drinks way too much coffee and insists it’s a good thing. Prides himself on the company he keeps and the companies his company champions. Life’s ambition is to star in a remake of the 80s sitcom “Three’s Company”.
Rachel Kiriakos
chief of good partnerships
Former ballerina from the Midwest who headed west to the Rockies and never looked back. Nomadic yogini who loves to explore the world and aspires to make it better one downward dog at a time. Believes in good and girl power and spends her free time with rising inner city girls. Is fascinated by human goodness and passionate about social entrepreneurship, if you are a brand doing good she wants to hear from you!
Peter Kruskal
world's best data guy
Direct descendent of the original settlers of Concord, Massachusetts (no seriously!). Putting his PhD in neuroscience to good use by finding patterns in the data of the world’s best companies. Dances with swords and teaches kids in his free time (no, seriously!!). Wishes he had more free time.
Fleming Au
builder of awesome
Passionate collector of new journeys. A strong believer that success is not the key to happiness, but that happiness is the key to success (oooh, zen-y!). Striving to add value to the world and do something he loves, he changed careers a couple times until he landed on software development, then changed software development jobs until he landed at DoneGood!
Garrett Parrish
mobile magic
Puts family first and creating cool laser light shows a close second. Created a BB-8 style robot in high school before BB-8 was ever created. Can help you choose between Harvard and MIT (he went to both). Feels at home playing drums with world-renowned jazz musicians.
Susana Arellano
intelligent design
Born on the day of curiosity, raised in Mexico City, lives in Queens. Enjoys watching life pass by and adding her own brush strokes along the way. Co-founder of the social impact design studio Agenda28. Loves her job and mentoring young girls and boys from Mexico. All around great person. If you think the DoneGood extension and app look nice, she’s the one to thank!
Valerie Kramis
experienced in experience
You know she’s a great person because she lived with Cullen and Scott for a few months and still likes them. How is she so good at improving user experience? Because creating good UX requires empathy, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective. Luckily, Valerie is one of the most empathetic and compassionate people ever. She keeps the team going with her relentless positivity and making of sincronizadas (grilled ham and cheese tortillas). Other Agenda28 cofounder.