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beegreener's Impact

beegreener helps DoneGood community members make sustainable tweaks to their lifestyles with eco-friendly products that are design-led as well as functional & they're completely carbon neutral! beegreener uses the following sustainable materials for their products:

Stainless steel is a great choice for a closed loop, and can be recycled endlessly without quality deterioration!

Wheat straw - an agricultural by-product that would be burnt by farmers if not reused - helps us to reduce the amount of Polyprophylene needed to produce these bento boxes

The carbon beegreener can't reduce they offset through a project that supports forest protection in Rimba Raya, Indonesia. The tropical swamp forests of Rimba Raya are among the most efficient carbon sinks in the world, whilst one of the few remaining habitats for wild orangutans. The project provides the locals with educational opportunities and alternative sources of income to illegal deforestation, e.g., controlled rubber harvesting.

beegreener's Return Policy

Money Back

You can easily return your item within 14 days of purchase. To receive your return label beegreener will charge live shipping rates from your location to their US warehouse in Ohio. Used and damaged items cannot be returned.

Damaged Item

Durability is key to sustainability! Hence, beegreener replaces instead of refunding and will send the required replacement parts free of charge.

To initiate a return, please contact us at team@donegood.co with your order number.