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About Erem

Erem was founded by a fourth-generation bootmaker from the family behind the iconic Timberland brand. Using this knowledge and expertise, they wanted to do something a little different. Erem doesn't just make any outdoor boots – they build footwear for extreme conditions. That’s what makes them stand out. From hiking boots that are perfect for a day on the trail to tall hiking boots that can take on the spikes of any cactus, their footwear is sustainably made for any adventure.

Erem boots are made with only materials that have a proven, safe, and timely path back to nature, repairable through the Erem Reboot program, and able to be re-streamed into a brand new ‘tough as cactus’ footwear, the Xerocole represents the future of sustainable outdoor performance, today.

Plus, they've committed to plant 1 million carbon capturing water-saving cactus pear plants using proceeds from each product sold. Cactus Pear sequesters 400 lbs of CO2 per cactus, per year. One million of these incredible plants will remove the carbon equivalent of 40,000 cars from the road every year! Whoa!

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