Double rewards points on reviews this week!

This week, when you leave reviews on items you've purchased, you'll get 200 DoneGood Rewards points for each review (up to 20). Since 1000 points = a $10 DoneGood gift card, you could get up to $40 to put toward future purchases—just for letting other people know how you liked things :)  

We know a lot of you leave reviews just because it’s helpful to other people who are also here trying to use their purchasing power for good. But still, being nice and getting a reward doesn’t hurt!

You've got to be a DoneGood Rewards member to earn points, so if you're not one yet, it’s super quick to join in (there are easy step-by-step instructions below).

Double points for reviews lasts through next Monday, 11/15.


How to Quickly Find Items You've Already Purchased and Review Them:

1. Log in to your account.

2. You'll be brought to your order history page. Click on an order, and you'll find products you've purchased.

3. Click on one of the products you’ve bought, scroll down to the reviews section and click the blue "add a review button."


How to sign up for DoneGood Rewards

Step 1: Click the Rewards tab in the lower right of


Step 2: Create an account

Click “Create an Account,” or “Log In” if you already have a DoneGood account. Get 500 free points ($5) the first-time you log in!

IMPORTANT: If you've bought something on DoneGood in the past 6 months, you may already have points! Make sure to log in with the email address you used to make your previous purchases to take advantage of your existing rewards. Go check how much in rewards you already have!

Step 3: Get points

Get rewards as you make purchases on DoneGood, or do other things that help spread the good (every 100 points is $1 of rewards)

  • Create an account - 500 points ($5)
  • Make a Purchase - 100 points for every $10
  • Sign up for our Newsletter - 100 points
  • Follow DoneGood on Instagram - 50 points
  • Review a Product - 100 points (or now until Nov. 15—200 points for every review)

Every time you earn 1000 points (it doesn’t take long!) you get a $10 gift card!