Gifts by Lifestyle

For The Eco-Conscious

For that friend of yours who's also a friend to the planet, check out our Eco-Conscious gift collection! All these gifts go above and beyond in environmentally-friendly production practices and celebrate the conscientious lifestyle of people who love the planet. Click around and you'll find gifts that are multi-use, reusable, vegan, upcycled/recycled, made from natural materials, and keeping junk out of landfills! We've made it easy for you to find the perfect green gift!

(Psssst...*all* the products on our site are actually eco-friendly! It's a requirement for everything on DoneGood to be good for people and the planet. So if you don't find what you're looking for in this collection, just keep on browsing the rest of DoneGood!)

For The Active & Explorer

Got someone on your shopping list who loves all things travel, outdoors, and adventurous? We've made gift-giving easy for you! Outfit your giftee for any adventure with sustainably-made apparel, gear, and bags to fit an active lifestyle. Give a thoughtful, meaningful, practical gift that's great for people and the planet! It's just a click away on our "Active & Explorer" gift collection!

For The Minimalist

Shopping for a minimalist? Then you know they don't just want a bunch of stuff. They want a few, great quality, versatile and multi-functional pieces—and that's what DoneGood is here to deliver! We've got a variety of holiday gifts that are all those things—as well as eco-friendly and ethically-made. So click around to find a great gift that gives back and that the minimalist in your life will appreciate!

For The Mindful

Find the right gift for that loved one who appreciates all things calm, peaceful, and soulful. DoneGood's collection features ethically-made, eco-friendly gifts that make it easy to shop for your mindful friends. Yoga gear, candles and oils, calming sleepwear, and much more are sure to add a little cheer and chill this holiday season.

For The Chef

What do you get for someone who spends most of their time making goodies for everyone else? How about ethically-made, quality essentials to make their kitchen extra boujee? We've rounded up a collection of gorgeous serving ware, handy utensils, delicious spices, and tasty treats the chef can enjoy while cooking. And they're all made with sustainable practices that are good for people and the planet, so everyone can eat up with a clean conscience!