How to help workers in India

India is the new epicenter of the pandemic. In the past week, the case count for India has remained above 350,000 new daily cases—the highest recorded daily case counts in the world since the pandemic began. As a result, the nation is experiencing overrun hospitals, a critical shortage of medical supplies like oxygen, and a devastating 2,000 - 3,000 daily death count. We mourn with India and understand that what affects India affects us all.
But there is hopeful news. The global community—from individuals to whole nations—is showing up in full force to give, go, advocate, and do what they can to help through this crisis. And the great part about being a part of a global community is that you can help too!




  • USE YOUR PURCHASING POWER FOR GOOD.  You know we started DoneGood because we truly believe that supporting brands that empower workers is one of the most impactful ways you can make a difference in the world.  See below for brands that provide living wages and invest in communities in India. 
  • Advocate for India by supporting their request to the World Trade Organization to waive patents on vaccines, which allows less affluent countries to make them domestically.  Go to to find your representatives' contact information, call 1-844-USE-0234, and/or send an email by texting RESIST to 50409.
  • Check in on your Indian friends, colleagues, and loved ones.
  • Stay informed on the events happening in India and educate yourself on vaccine inequality.
  • Help raise awareness about what is happening in India by sharing these resources and others that you have found with your own community.


  • Sudara Freedom Fund is raising funds for food kit distribution, vaccines, and other life-saving aid that is desperately needed.  Donate here.
  • AID India is providing food to communities and protective equipment to healthcare workers. Donate to the COVID relief fund here.
  • BUDS, a pediatrician and citizen-run organization, is providing medical care, food, and education for children and families. Donate here.



By purchasing from big-hearted small businesses with production in India, you’re contributing to fair wages, healthcare, worker safety, food, and education for Indian workers and their families who are affected by this recent outbreak. You’re supporting them through this time of lockdowns, allowing them to stay at home and stay healthy without the added worry of losing wages. Our partner brands support workers all over the world, but we've put together a collection of items made by brands that specifically employ and provide a path to economic independence to workers in India.

Today your purchases have even more power!
DoneGood will donate 50% of revenue made from this collection to the Sudara Freedom Fund.