Community Engagement Specialist - Join our Team!

We'd love to have you join our team and help build a better world with DoneGood! Sound like something you're into? Here are the details:

About DoneGood

At DoneGood we believe that the dollars we all spend are the world’s most powerful force for change. Americans gave over $475 billion to charity last year—but we spent over 300 times more than that buying stuff!  If even a fraction of that spending can reduce poverty, fight climate change, and make the world better in other ways, the impact is huge!  

DoneGood ( makes it quick, easy, and more affordable to use your purchasing power to do good for people and the planet every time you shop online.  Forbes called DoneGood “The Amazon for Social Good.”  On DoneGood you can find all sorts of items from clothing to home goods to coffee to bed and bath supplies—but our team screens every company to ensure they’re paying good wages, empowering communities, and using highly eco-friendly practices.  

So you can know that you’re building a better world with every purchase you make.

DoneGood is a B Corp “Best for the World” Award winner for our own social impact, and we’re legally incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)—so we’re legally required to pursue our social mission, not just maximize profit.  We’re a growing startup that has generated attention from national media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, CBS This Morning, Forbes, Mashable, WIRED, Fast Company, and many others.

The Position

DoneGood’s Community Engagement Specialist works with various members of the DoneGood community in a variety of ways:

  • Customer Service: Handling DoneGood customer service inquiries, emailing and talking with customers to answer their questions, working with team members at DoneGood’s amazing partner brands (the companies that do good for people and the planet and sell products on to help execute returns/exchanges and address other customer service matters.

  • Partner-brand Relations: Working with founders and team members at DoneGood partner brands to coordinate promotional events, update product listings, help onboard new partners, and support DoneGood’s VP of Partnerships in a variety of ways; this portion of the position also includes some product data management and other backend systems work.

  • Marketing: Supporting DoneGood marketing efforts in a variety of ways that could include copywriting, editing, drafting materials for DoneGood investors, and more.

Since this is a startup, all our roles, from the CEO's to everyone else’s, change and evolve as we move forward. The ideal candidate for this position revels in that, likes variety, and is willing to do whatever best helps the company succeed and the movement grow, with no job considered too “large” or “small,” too-glamorous or not-glamorous-enough, etc.

If you: 

-really believe in DoneGood’s mission and are passionate about creating positive change through your work,
-are into a startup environment where we get to test, iterate, see what works, and figure things out as we go,
-and want to work with a group of people committed to being a positive force not just in the world, but also in each other’s lives (including our emotional and mental well-being, keeping each other energized and pumped, while maintaining equilibrium and keeping stress to a minimum…)


We think this is a job you’ll really love!


  • You really enjoy talking with people and helping them feel good.

  • You instantly love DoneGood customers, want to do anything you can to help them, and would never ever be unfriendly to one.

  • You truly want to see the companies we work with succeed, will maintain and build great relationships with partner brands, and help ensure partners love DoneGood, our mission, and the value we create for them.

  • You believe in DoneGood’s mission and want the company to grow rapidly so we can help millions of people divert billions of dollars away from systems that keep people locked in poverty and destroy the planet, and instead to brands that are reducing poverty and fighting climate change.

  • You are happy to do a variety of evolving forms of work—some super fun and some kinda menial (the way all members of DoneGood do)—and work together with all of us to keep your and everyone’s jobs more fun than most jobs out there. 😊

Work Conditions:

  • Remote work

  • Flexible hours

  • On-the-job fun; it’s a startup, it should be fun!

  • An inclusive, collaborative, welcoming, and mutually supportive work environment

  • Highly purpose-driven, loving team, committed to each other’s physical and mental health, growth, and long-term personal success.

Ideal Qualifications:

If the job description and work environment above sounds exciting and you meet the requirements above, we strongly encourage you to apply and talk with us. 

The following are bonuses (but not requirements or dealbreakers):

  • Experience in customer-service, sales, partnership, marketing, or similar positions 

  • Experience in e-commerce

  • Experience or familiarity with the social impact space/social enterprises (having worked for one or for an organization that promotes them, or you’ve blogged about them, shopped with them, read a book or two about them, or what have you)

  • Experience working to create the change you believe in—whether as a paid staffer or volunteer for an NGO, community organization, campus organization, political campaign, church group, workers’ rights group, organization supporting underrepresented communities, etc. 

  • A college degree (again this is a bonus, not a requirement)


  • Salary: $50,000/year 

We’re a startup working to pay more—we have been able to give substantial raises to others as the company has raised additional funds and/or people have grown into new positions.

  • Generous stock option package 

We hope and believe company stock will be worth a good amount one day and mean that on average, we all ended up earning more per year of service than our annual salary.

  • 100% of healthcare premium paid

Paying for healthcare for all full-time team members is a DoneGood value.

Want to apply? Please follow these instructions: 

Email with these two things – 
  1. Your resume 

  2. A short note in the body of the email about why you think you’ll love the job and why we’ll love working with you  

For Real:

DoneGood, PBC is extremely committed to creating a diverse team from all walks of life and lifestyles, with unique and varying experiences and viewpoints, and to creating a welcoming and empowering environment for all. 

DoneGood provides equal employment opportunities to all team members and applicants for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, color of skin or eyes or hair (natural or dyed) or color of anything, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, parental status, immigration status, previous criminal conviction (proud “Ban the Box” supporter), or anything else that doesn’t have any damn thing to do with how well you’ll do your job.

If you identify with an underrepresented group or background, we truly encourage you to apply!