Squads Abroad Fundraising - Midview



June 21 - June 29, 2023
Raised: $0 of $5,000

20% of your purchase on DoneGood will be donated to this squad.  See more below.


The Midview High School squad aims to improve health care access and sanitation infrastructure for children in under resourced communities abroad. Students will travel abroad to conduct mobile health clinics for children that include primary health care, vision and dental screenings. They will also learn about and address some of the systemic issues behind preventable diseases in the community by implementing health workshops and building handwashing stations alongside local students.

How You Can Help

This squad has a donation goal to help cover logistical expenses while abroad such as transport, local staff, meals, insurance, accommodations, but most important, the year-round follow-up to the project by local staff to ensure the sustainability over time.  To help raise funds, students have teamed up with DoneGood an ethical & sustainable marketplace.

When you use code MIDVIEW at checkout, 20% of your purchase will be donated to this fundraiser.

Why DoneGood?

DoneGood is the shopping site where every purchase you make does good for people and the planet. On DoneGood.com you can find thousands of products from 100+ brands - and know that the DoneGood team has vetted every brand to make sure they're paying good wages, supporting good causes, and using highly eco-friendly practices.

DoneGood's mission is to empower people to transform from consumers to changemakers by diverting spending away from giant corporations that keep people locked in poverty and destroy the planet- and instead to amazing brands that are reducing poverty, fighting climate change, and making the world better in so many other ways.

Many of DoneGood's partner brands are supporting initiatives and communities that the Midview High School Squad will be working on, so fundraising through DoneGood is just one way for them to make an even larger impact.


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