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Pet Clothing and Accessories

With all the pet accessories and clothing out there, it can be difficult to discern what is really functional for your pet or not. And of course, how is all that pet gear made? It feels better to know that money you’re spending on your dog or cat is also good for people and the planet. Stick to a couple of guidelines and you'll have your pet walking the city park or relaxing on the café patio in both style and comfort, and rocking pet clothing that helped make the world better too. We can also help you find vegan pet supplies, so you know the stuff you’re buying for your animal has done good for other animals as well.

Pet Clothing

While it's tough to deny how cute a pup looks dressed up in a costume, all pet clothing and accessories should have a balance of both style and practicality. Pet clothing or accessories should not restrict your furry friend's movement or be weather inappropriate. Skip the tiara and try instead a lightweight bandanna to give him or her a little extra flair. Hold off on the glitter pet purse, and invest in a quality poop bag holder that attaches conveniently to your hip for your long walks together.

Pet Accessories

Considering comfort is essential when shopping for four-legged friends. Depending on their breed and temperament, your pet may be sensitive to certain textures or items. Pet accessories and clothing (like collars or coats) should not pinch, be too tight, or chafe your pet. You want a material that does not overheat them in the summer or, in the winter, not provide enough coverage. The need for comfort and practicality extends to accessories your beloved pal doesn't necessarily wear. For example, pet beds should be orthopedic and made of non-toxic material. Invest in quality products that are designed with your pets' comfort and well-being in mind.

Finally, with Americans spending $72 billion on their pets in 2018, buying pet clothing and accessories from companies with ethical and sustainable production can make a big impact. Some pet product companies are starting to make environmental and social responsibility a priority and may donate percentages of sales to animal protection and welfare or use recycled materials. Purchasing from these companies means you can show your pet a little extra love all the while knowing your dollars are going to good causes and that the products are sustainably-sourced.