Soft Bottle Brush - Cotton Tip

Soft Bottle Brush - Cotton Tip

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Support meaningful work for people with mental illness who are creating zero-waste and plastic free products


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  • The handle is made from sustainable bamboo and this brush has rough, plant-based sisal fiber bristles.
  • This brush is perfect for getting into coffee mugs, wine glasses, jars, and bottles.
  • Hang your brush, or store it in a jar bristle side down, to keep water from pooling on the handle.
  • Most bottle brushes are made of plastic and are not biodegradable.
  • Replaces plastic bottle brushes Compostable (remove wire under bristles first) Vegan

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About Fountain House + Body

It's always about the bottom line—but with Fountain House + Body, that's actually a good thing! Their bottom line? To create jobs for individuals with mental illness, sell sustainable and low waste personal care products, and to make money so they can create even more jobs! Fountain House + Body is all about community impact, empowering their employees and proudly making their products in the USA. And taking care of yourself has never been so great for the planet, all products are made with plastic free packaging, natural and vegan ingredients, and cruelty-free processes.

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