It Takes Two to Tango Pack
It Takes Two to Tango Pack
It Takes Two to Tango Pack
It Takes Two to Tango Pack

It Takes Two to Tango Pack

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Description From The Jali Fruit Co.

Get to know the Jali Fruit Co with our It Takes Two to Tango Pack. Featuring two of our deliciously sweet fruits, Party Pineapple, Mango-rama. With no added sugar or preservatives and sourced from women farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, Jali Fruit is sure to make you smile. After all, you are what you eat.

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About The Jali Fruit Co.

The world’s most empowering, natural, sun-dried fruit snack—read on and we think you'll agree! The Jali Fruit Co. wanted to do something about food waste. Each year, 2.8 trillion pounds of food is wasted and, in Sub-Saharan Africa 95% of all food waste happens before it ever reaches a market. They saw this as an opportunity to empower women farmers in Africa to preserve and sell the fruit that grows on their family farms. Jali provides these women with simple machines that work without electricity and trains them to dry and preserve their ancestral fruit abundances so they can be sold all over the world! The women earn fair pay (up to 7x the average income for the area), and you get a simple, tasty and nutritious snack with no added sugar and no preservatives. You can even track the fruit to see the farm it came from. Sweet!


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