Welcome to the Disc Life

Welcome to the Disc Life

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Purchase gives back to fight period poverty around the world and keeps single-use feminine care products out of landfills


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Description From Saalt Includes:
  • Saalt Disc Duo
  • Saalt Steamer
  • Saalt Travel Kit (Reusable Cotton Travel Bag, Reusable Saalt Squeeze Bottle, Saalt Compact Sanitizer, 2.5 fl oz Saalt Cup Travel Wash)

This bundle includes everything you need to make the switch to sustainable, leakproof period care. The Saalt Disc Duo includes both the small and regular size Saalt Disc so you can find your perfect fit. The Saalt Steamer is the easiest way to sanitize your disc between cycles with just the touch of a button. And the Saalt Travel Kit makes it easy to clean your disc on the go. Welcome to the disc life, and welcome to period bliss!

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About Saalt

The period care industry is built on disposable products, and something about that didn’t feel right to Saalt founder Cherie. She went on a mission to create period products that cared for the planet and for the women using them. And the B Corp Saalt has done just that—with medical-grade menstrual cups and ethically-made period underwear that keep toxins out of the eco-system and out of our bodies. To date, Saalt has saved their customers hundreds of dollars on disposable period care products, given back thousands of reusable cups to fight period poverty in high-need areas, and diverted over 2 million disposables from landfills!

Saalt's Return Policy

For hygienic reasons, Saalt Wear is not eligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges. If you have any questions after your purchase, reach out to us at team@donegood.co.