Bamboo Bombilla

Bamboo Bombilla

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Oh the Beauty of a Bombilla! This is one of Mel's favorite ways to drink tea. It's like a straw, only it's closed off at the bottom and has tiny holes to interfile the plant matter. It's a gorgeous way to drink herbal blends as you can look at the gorgeous plant matter floating in the top of your cup, admire, and give thanks for the magic in your cup! Truly a great way to drink your herbal tea!

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About Mountain Mels

Organic herbal teas and essential goods made from ethically harvested plants and oils. Mountain Mels is on a mission to inspire people to care for the planet by caring for themselves, naturally! Sustainability is in their DNA-from using alternative energy and eco-packaging, to recycling and composting, they give back to the environment with every purchase.


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