Dark & Milk Chocolate Bars

Dark & Milk Chocolate Bars

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Description From Askanya Chocolate

Product Description
Pairing 2 Dark Chocolate Bars with Milk: Paradis & Wanga Nègès
Paradis (47% Cacao)  
A Flavorful Milk Chocolate Bar 
Wanga Nègès (50% Cacao) 
 A Decadent Milk Chocolate Bar 

6 bars (2oz/each)
3 Paradis / 3 Wanga Nègès  

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About Askanya

Grown in Haiti, made in Haiti, enjoyed everywhere. Haiti’s first and only premier bean-to-bar chocolate company, Askanya, fairly employs over 3,000 Haitian farmers who grow their own cacao beans and meticulously create luxury chocolate products for everyone to enjoy. Askanya has studied the chocolate-making process from world-class chocolatiers around the world to make sure that with every step, they are crafting the finest treats out there. And since they're all ethically-made with all-natural, organic, and local ingredients, you'll be doing good for the planet, too! So go ahead and enjoy that chocolate bar...it's for a good cause. *wink*


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