Green Matcha Tea
Green Matcha Tea
Green Matcha Tea
Green Matcha Tea

Green Matcha Tea

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Purchase supports a LGBTQ and minority owned company that sources fair trade coffee and tea & gives back to the education of youth in Colombia


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Description From Kikos Coffee & Tea

Green Matcha Tea by Kikos is great for mixing with favorite beverages or for drinking on its own

In contrast to other teas, instead of steeping the leaves, you consume the entire leaf

Product Specifications:

Ingredients: Matcha

Origin: Japan

Tasting Notes: Earthy with medium sweetness and high intensity

Weights & Measurements: 1 Oz loose leaf tea Brews 11 (8 Oz) cups of tea


  • Naturally caffeinated
  • Can be served hot or cold


  • 2.5 grams per 8 Oz
  • Pour 175 F water over the leaves
  • Whisk and enjoy


  • MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)
  • LGBTBE® Certified

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About Kikos Coffee & Tea

Kikos wants to unite people over a fresh cup of coffee and tea. And that's just what they're doing through their high-quality, freshly-roasted fair trade coffee and organic tea from Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Kenya and other parts of the world! And they're bringing people together in the business as world as well—Kikos Coffee & Tea is the #1 LGBTQ and minority-owned coffee and tea company in the US! So now it's your turn—get together with some folks over a delicious cup of Kikos Coffee & Tea!

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