Lung Lovin'! Immune Boostin'!

Lung Lovin'! Immune Boostin'!

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These days it can be hard to get to the Doctors office if you can even get an appointment. Having some Immune Boosting herbs available at home is increasingly important for you and your family's health so that you can hopefully avoid the trip altogether! We have combined the favorite products to help you combat Cold & Flu season so you can take your Immune Health into your own hands.

Starting to feel a little under the Weather? Reach for Immuni-Tea! This Powerhouse combines Echinacea, Astragalus, Elder Flower, Ginger, and other Immune-boosting herbs so your body can fight off what may be coming at you.  

When you are Coughing, you aren't Resting and rest is so needed to get yourself better. Respiratory Rescue is a soothing blend for your dry, irritated throat, and hacking cough. It's packed with cooling, moistening, throat coating, and immune-boosting herbs so you can give your Lungs some need LOVE!

Nothing is more Empowering (& FUN!) than being able to make your own Medicine! The Elderberry Syrup Kit is the perfect gateway DYI project to get you Comfortable and Excited about making Herbal Remedies for your Family, in the comfort of your own Kitchen. 

Elderberry has a Potent Antiviral Effect on at least 10 Different Flu Viruses, Strengthens Cell Walls to Protect Against Pathogens, and Stimulates Your Cells to Release Cytokines. It shortens the Duration of Cold & Flu by 50% or more, is super rich in Antioxidants, and tastes delicious!

Save on all three when you bundle!

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Organic herbal teas and essential goods made from ethically harvested plants and oils. Mountain Mels is on a mission to inspire people to care for the planet by caring for themselves, naturally! Sustainability is in their DNA-from using alternative energy and eco-packaging, to recycling and composting, they give back to the environment with every purchase.


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