Siliguri Handloom Towel

Siliguri Handloom Towel

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Description From Ocelot Market

Can be used as a scarf, a wrap, sarong, beach towel, bath towel , and several other ways.

KHADI also known as "Khaddar" is a HAND woven fabric  spun out of cotton .Our light-weight Indian khadi towel is made from raw cotton and handwoven on traditional looms in West Bengal, India. This textile is perfectly delicate while remaining structured and becomes more absorbent with every wash.

In more recent times, Mahatma Gandhi who is not only referred to as the revered Father of India , but also the father of modern 'Khadi' revived the tradition of spinning Khadi fabric with the Charkha, which literally means “wheel” and is India’s generic term for any spinning wheel or hand-cranked spinning machine. The Charka is also the heart of the Indian Flag; to date the Indian flag is only ever made in one area in India on hand spun Khadi fabric by specialist weavers and spinners.

Khadi is not seen as just a type of textile, it was a movement by Gandhi who revived a lost tradition that once placed India as one of the largest producers and exporters of not only cotton but also finished cotton garments. In the 1700s the British Rule along with the Industrial Revolution banned all cotton fabrics and production in India. As a result, millions of spinners and weavers were rendered unemployed, deprived of the only means to earn their livelihood and left to die of starvation.

During the pre-independence era in the 1920s the movement of Khadi manufacturing gained momentum under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi the great visionary presented Khadi as a symbol of nationalism, equality, unity, nonviolence
and self-reliance.

Gandhi’s message was clear; “The message of the spinning-wheel is much wider than its circumference. Its message is one of simplicity, service of mankind, living so as not to hurt others, creating an indissoluble bond between the rich and the
poor, capital and labour, the prince and the peasant.”


Towel details:
Size: 35 x 75 inches
Made of 100% cotton yarn; highly absorbent and dries quickly. Each piece is hand-woven by artisan weavers, so please allow for minor variations in size and pattern. Machine wash with like colors, iron as cotton. 


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