Organic Buckwheat & Wool Pillow - in organic cotton case
Organic Buckwheat & Wool Pillow - in organic cotton case
Organic Buckwheat & Wool Pillow - in organic cotton case
Organic Buckwheat & Wool Pillow - in organic cotton case
Organic Buckwheat & Wool Pillow - in organic cotton case
Organic Buckwheat & Wool Pillow - in organic cotton case

Organic Buckwheat & Wool Pillow - in organic cotton case

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Description From Shoo-Foo

Discover the comfort of Buckwheat & Wool Pillows;

The buckwheat-filled pillow allows your head to rest while distributing the weight evenly, thus preventing neck pain.

What are Buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat seeds are similar to the seeds of sunflowers. Their hard outer shell is known as a hull. Due to their shape, the buckwheat hulls in a pillow allow air to circulate throughout the pillow and dissipate your body temperature evenly; keeping your head cool in the summer and warm in winter. Moreover, the easy moving of the hulls in the pillow provides comfortable support to your neck and your spine.

Benefits of buckwheat hulls-filled pillows:

  • allows your head to rest while distributing the weight evenly; thus preventing neck pain
  • help relieve muscle pain, therefore helps combat insomnia related to muscle discomfort.
  • keep you cool and comfy all night

If buckwheat-filled pillows have many benefits, our Buckwheat & Wool Pillows are even comfier. Indeed, some people may find that buckwheat-filled pillows lack a bit of softness.

The buckwheat & wool pillow offers both firmness and softness. One side of the pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls while the other side is filled with a layer of organic wool.?The wool adds a layer of softness to the firm yet flexible buckwheat-filled pillow. It muffles the sound of the buckwheat hulls, prevents dust mites from living in your pillow, and helps balance body temperature and humidity by wicking away moisture.


  • adds a layer of softness to the firm yet flexible buckwheat pillow
  • makes the pillow more "silent"
  • wool prevents dust mites from living in the pillow
  • allows sleepers to rest their head either onto the soft wool side of the pillow while still getting the support of the buckwheat hulls, or to rest their head onto the molded-feel sometimes-rustling hulls side of the pillow

Materials composition:

  • Filled with organic buckwheat hulls on one side
  • filled with natural wool on the other side
  • Cased in a certified organic? cotton cover
  • Well made in Canada

Care Instructions:

We recommend using a pillow protector and/or a pillow cover to protect your pillow. If you need to clean it, spot cleaning or dry clean is the best.

Another option is to un-stuffed the pillow and wash the case individually. The zipper allows you to remove all the buckwheat hulls and the layer of wool. You can later re-stuff the pillow.

Pillow Sizes:

  • Standard: 50 x 67 cm (20 x 27 in)
  • Queen: 50 x 75 cm (20 x 30 in)
  • King: 50 x 90 cm (20 x 36 in)
  • Bolster (neck pillow): 15 x 40 cm (5 x 16 in)

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“Shoo-Foo” is the Americanized version of a Chinese word that means comfortable, pleasant, calm and healthy. And that's just what Shoo-Foo wants to offer you with their natural, organic bamboo bed and bath products. The company’s founder is a professional ecologist who lived for 10 years in China. While there, she got to know the bamboo industry and uses that knowledge to ensure that Shoo-Foo is providing the highest-quality, most sustainable sheets and towels around. The eco-friendly processes that make these super soft home goods are not only great for the planet; the lack of pesticides and chemicals mean they're healthier for you too! Shoo-Foo believes that healthy forests contribute to our health, so they plant trees with every purchase!

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