SĒN Super Saffron
SĒN Super Saffron
SĒN Super Saffron
SĒN Super Saffron

SĒN Super Saffron

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Description From Sitti Soap

SĒN's Organic Saffron is sourced from the historic plains of Herat, on the edge of ancient Persia. This is by far one of the most potent Crocus-Sativus Saffron flowers available on earth today. It provides benefits and healing properties that are second to none.

There are various grades of Saffron in the market today. Most commercial Saffron is low-grade Saffron made up of the inferior parts of the plant, not to mention the use of dyed corn hair camouflaged as Saffron. In order to benefit from Saffron's many potent properties, you have to first ensure you're getting real, unadulterated, pure Saffron, or what we call, Super Saffron.

The climate and soil also play a huge part in the quality of Saffron at hand. At SĒN, our Super Saffron is a mixture of the Negin and Sargol portions of the crocus sativus plant. These are the portions of the stigmas with the highest concentration of active components. This is what is considered to be pure Saffron.

This Saffron has an ISO quality rating of up to 270, vs. 100-170 when compared to most low-grade, commercial Saffron, available in the market today.

Saffron Benefits:

  • Improves Mood: An Antidepressant
  • Improves Memory
  • Relieves Stress
  • Helps with Weight Loss

About SĒN: is a socially conscious superfoods and remedies company dedicated to the education and welfare of underprivileged Afghani Citizens. A huge part of our efforts is focused on supporting ethical Saffron farming as an alternative crop to opium in order to help poor farmers struggling through decades of war and hardship. As the employment for women is scarce in Afghanistan, Saffron picking opens up a window of opportunity for the employment of Afghan women.

Every gram you purchase makes it easier for women in Herat to find work since it's mostly women doing the picking, harvesting, and processing of Saffron.

SĒN sources its Saffron from Herat in Afghanistan.

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About Sitti Soap

Sitti Soap began when two friends, Noora and Jacqueline, began working with a motivated and talented group of women at the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan. Today, that's morphed into a blossoming social enterprise that employs 13 men and women who handcraft olive oil soaps and body care products. Sitti Soap is dedicated to providing fair wages, as well as education and empowerment for their employees. They love to share the inspiring stories of their artisans and are proud to support them on their journey. Sitti Soap products as great for the environment as they are for you; they're committed to vegan and toxin-free ingredients and zero-waste production.


Sitti Soap's Return Policy

Sitti unfortunately cannot process any returns, once a personal product has been shipped. Due to the nature of Sitti's products, even unopened products cannot be returned, and cannot be resold, since it has been out of their supervision. Each product is made by hand and there may be slight variations from each product as a result. If your product arrives damaged, please contact team@donegood.co within 72 hours of receiving the product, with photo indicating the damage, and Sitti will either replace the damaged product or refund the amount of the purchase, minus the cost of shipping.