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Pura Vida Pineapple Sticker

Empowers Workers
 Gives Back
Brand PuraVida
SKU 622_841696136525
Brand’s Story

$1 million to health, environmental and other good causes. All because Paul and Griffin went to Costa Rica. And met Jorge and Joaquin, who were making bracelets to make ends meet. Paul and Griffin bought 400 to be supportive, took them home, put 'em in a bowl at a friends' shop—and they sold out in days! Today, PuraVida employs 130 people in Costa Rica with good jobs and every purchase supports a good cause.

More Information
Make everyday feel like vacay with our Pura Vida Pineapple Sticker! Just looking at this colorful design makes you feel like you’re on a tropical getaway (even when there’s no beach or palm trees in sight).

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