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Radically simplified, non-toxic personal care essentials delivered to your door every 60 days.

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Superior quality blades deliver an outstanding shave & stay sharper longer. Gillette® Mach3 blades are the best and we can teach you how to extend the life by 5x or more.

  • 8 pack of Gillette Mach3™ blades.
  • Provides the best balance of close shave, speed, reduced nicks/ skin irritation and cost.
  • Requires less pressure on the skin and with fewer strokes, thereby reducing skin irritation, cuts & nicks.
  • Unisex, classic, no-frills design since 1998.
  • Using our simple steps can extend blade life up to 5x or more giving you a 2 yr+ supply.
  • Our method saves you money while creating less waste.
  • Uses an optimal 3 blades delivering a close shave at a reasonable price.
  • Part of our smart shaving system – just add 3-in-1 BarSkin Fuel & Razor Handle.

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“The decade-plus-old Mach3™ shaves just as well as the latest razors at a fraction of the cost. Overall, it offers the best combination of value, speed, and closeness of shave.” — Wirecutter (a NY Times company)


WTF! Your brand endorses a product by Gillette ??

Many friends and customers questioned our decision to carry Gillette’s Mach3™ because it is made by “the man”, a mainstream personal care products company owned by P&G and “off brand” for us. We do things that align with our thinking. While we do not agree with much of Gillette’s philosophy, a core part of our values and promise is to provide the best, practical tools. And when it comes to blades the Mach3™ is it.


Why the Mach3™?

Gillette enlisted an army of engineers and scientists and spent 5 years and $750 million dollars to develop the Mach3™. While many “feature rich” blades have appeared, we feel this original design is still hands down the best. What it lacks in sex appeal or bells and whistles it delivers on what matters – outstanding quality and durability.


3 blades is just the right number. Cutting 3x more with each stroke than a single blade. Adding more blades is overkill, makes for a bulky design and clogs more easily. 3 blades also take advantage of a phenomenon called hysteresis leading to a closer shave.

Some people knock Gillette cartridges for costing a bit more. It's true they are not cheap – however quality counts. We have discovered a simple method of "razor cartridge care" enabling us to extend the life of our razor blades by more than 5x. Now our razor blades last for months – see our method below. (NOTE: This is merely in our experience and in no way endorsed by Gillette).


Say Goodbye To Cheap Blades & Bloated Shave Club Services.

While popular shave club services like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s may seem like a bargain, in reality, they cost you plenty over time. Slash the money you spend on shaving by 75% or more with our smart system. $20 could give you a two year supply. Learn more

Ditch the chemicals and save $, while reducing waste and complexity.


How we extend the life of our razor blades

  1. Rinse thoroughly with hot water till clean
  2. Shake off excess water and tap back of cartridge on a towel. You can also blow into the back of the cartridge head to push out water.
  3. Rub front of the cartridge upward on towel 3-5x.

Want to remove that lubricating strip? Click here to see how. We are not clear what is in the lubrication strip - so we asked. Click here to read P&G official response.  

This method, our tips and instructions are solely based on our recommendations and not that of any other company.

Akamai and its service 
are not affiliated, endorsed or approved by THE GILLETTE COMPANY LLC or Procter & Gamble Co.


MATERIALS: Steel, Plastic, Lubrication Strip



  • Storing razors in the shower may shorten their lifespan.
  • Do you really need pre-shave conditioners? Special shave cream? Aftershave? Skip them all --keep it simple, spend less, avoid nasty chemicals.

Part of our simplified shaving system

Our shaving system includes everything you need for a smooth, close shave and healthy skin. No gimmicks, nasty chemicals or stuff you don’t need. To get you started, we created our Shave Kit containing 1 of each of these products:
  • Gillette Mach3™ Blades
  • Akamai Razor Handle Our reusable, ergonomic handle made with sustainably harvested beechwood fitted with the best blade available (Gillette Mach3™)
  • 3-in-1 Bar an excellent lubricant for shaving
  • Skin Fuel to soothe, nourish and condition skin. It’s an aftershave, whole body moisturizer and conditioner (including beard & hair)
You can buy these products separately, or purchase the Akamai Shave Kit to get started.




"People say shaving isn't rocket science, but it is," Dr. Kristina Vanoosthuyze, one of Gillette's principal scientists, tells me. "We had a rocket scientist who came to us from British Aerospace." — Esquire


Did you know

  • The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year.
  • In 1998 the classic slogan “Gillette – The best a man can get.” was leveraged via a $300 million marketing push. (As we see it this is truth in advertising -- except we’d modify it to“...the best a man or woman can get”).
  • The precept that you need shaving cream or gel to shave is not true. You don’t need tiny bubbles to get a good shave. Just lubrication.
  • According to Esquire magazine, razor blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel requiring scientists to examine them using atomic microscopes.
  • Marketing hype and sexy brands aside, razor cartridges are unisex. Regardless of our gender, there is nothing technically different required to shave hair.
  • The disposable shaving blade was invented by King C Gillette in 1901. 

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    “The product of seven years of continuous effort and an unprecedented seven hundred and fifty million dollars in manufacturing and development costs alone,” New Yorker


    “metallurgical sandwich of diamond-like carbon or DLC, niobium and steel” - New Yorker



    Our path to selecting Gillette Mach3™

    When we decided to offer razor blades as part of our service, we tried many many brands and styles: straight razors (for us too dangerous), safety razors (love the eco-footprint, however too many cuts and too unreliable to get a great shave every time) and cartridges.


    We feel Gillette Mach3™ cartridges are the clear winner. They meet our criteria: reasonably priced, exceptional quality, and provide a reliable, great shave every time. Nothing unnecessary or hyped -- no extra blades, vibrating, fancy lubricating strip, etc. In our experience, popular subscription shave services like Dollar Shave Club, Harrry's and Billie were middle of the road in quality. Not to mention ultimately expensive and wasteful if you follow their recommendations when to change blades.

    We tried to find a better blade. There simply isn’t. These are the blades we use, so these are the blades we share with you. Know of a better blade? Tell us.


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