How the DoneGood Chrome Extension works:

Shop online like normal—search for products on Amazon or Google, or go to big-name company websites.
When a socially responsible DoneGood-approved brand has the kind of product you’re looking for, the extension will show you an alert.
That's it!
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Get Discounts

As you shop, the DoneGood extension automatically shows you discount codes from DoneGood-approved brands exclusively for DoneGood users (that’s you!).

Click the DoneGood icon in the toolbar to see a list of current discounts all in one place.

If you haven’t already, leave your email and we’ll let you know as new discounts become available.

What’s a DoneGood-approved brand?

DoneGood-approved companies are making great products and making the world better! They’re ethical and sustainable: paying good wages, helping people lift themselves out of poverty, protecting the environment, and doing good in all sorts of other ways.

Their stuff is cooler, more unique, and lasts longer. They’re run by good people.

By shopping with these folks instead of the big normal boring companies you can help make the world better just by getting something you needed to buy anyway.

The dollars we spend are the most powerful tool we have to create change. If together we can align systems so that even a fraction of the massive amount of money consumers spend reduces inequality, fights climate change, and helps improve people’s lives, the impact can be enormous!


* After a few seconds, the DoneGood Alerts in the corner of your screen fades away. When this happens (or when you click X to close an alert), the information on suggested DoneGood-approved brands can be accessed by clicking the DoneGood toolbar icon.


Access your settings by clicking the DoneGood toolbar icon and then clicking the little gear symbol. There you can:

* Turn Trump Alerts off/on

* Turn off/on the DoneGood Alerts that appear in the upper corner of your screen (info on socially responsible companies will appear in the DoneGood toolbar icon () instead)


* The extension may not work well outside the U.S. and Canada. Right now all DoneGood companies have the ability to ship anywhere in the U.S., but may not be able to ship overseas. We’re working to expand to other countries soon!


We’re workin’ on it, but we haven’t mapped every company in the world yet! So:

* Just because a company isn’t DoneGood-approved doesn’t mean they’re not super ethical and sustainable, it could just mean we haven’t reviewed them yet.

* If you know a company that should be listed on DoneGood, please tell us!

Ok, now you’re really ready to change your online shopping for good. Go on and get your good on!

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