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5 Affordably Ethical Alternatives to H&M

Stylish and affordable conscious clothing brands to break your ‘fast fashion’ habit.


Considered one of the original pioneers of ‘fast fashion,’ the planet’s second largest clothing retailer has recently started to dip its financial and marketing toe into sustainable apparel.

But with nearly all of Hennes & Mauritz’s (H&M) cheap and trendy clothing sourced unsustainably and only a fraction of their factories offering workers a living wage, the $200 billion-a-year leader of fast fashion is moving pretty slowly.

They are gradually making changes, but in the meantime, there are many other fashionable, affordable, and sustainable brands to help you get your fashion fix and be sure you’re not contributing to unsafe working conditions or environmental damage.




Makers of trail to tavern eco-conscious casualwear that give back to people and the planet


Toad&Co is going the extra mile to ensure sustainability in the clothing industry- the 4th largest polluter of air and water globally.

Not only do they produce clothes made from eco materials like organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, Lenzing modal, sustainable stretch polyester, and recycled fabrics, but they also ship orders in reusable mailers and repair gently used clothes to be loved again.

But even all that is just the tip of the iceberg. Toad&Co doesn’t limit its impact to environmental causes only. It also co-founded the Planet Access Company, a warehouse that employs and trains adults with learning disabilities AND Search for Adventure, a program that facilitates unforgettable vacations for adults with disabilities.

Toad&Co sells a wide range of clothing and outerwear for women and men that can take you from the trail to the theater. These products are technical as well as comfortable, but none of that comes at the expense of style-or sustainability.


Known Supply


Bringing humanity back to clothes-making with high quality apparel proudly signed by the maker


Known Supply set out to offer an answer to that uneasy question that often takes root in the back of a conscious consumer’s mind.

“Who made my clothes?”

Usually, that nagging question doesn’t really have an answer, but when you shop with Known Supply, it does.

You’ll know who supplied your clothing, get it?

Each item comes with a name attached to it, and you can type that name into this page to find out more about the maker of your garment. Cool, right?

The people behind Known Supply believe that human connection is an important part of the exchange of goods, and one that has been missing for too long. They hope to reinstate this almost lost form of connection, since it benefits both the maker and the consumer.

All the makers that Known Supply works with are paid a fair wage and work in safe factory conditions. They are also provided with additional education and social services to unlock their full potential.

You can buy in stock clothing items, or special order a t-shirt customized with your name!





Bringing humanity back to clothes-making with high quality apparel proudly signed by the maker

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Elegantees has a mission to free people from sex trafficking and help them restore their lives by offering employment at a fair wage in a safe facility. All of the clothing is made in the factory they operate in Nepal, and all workers are paid a livable wage which is more than double the local minimum.

Elegantees employs 4 people based in the US and about 20 work in their Nepal location. You can take a peek inside the facility and read some of the worker’s personal stories—they’re quite heartwarming!

As for the clothing, there is a whole range for men, women, and girls, though it’s mostly women’s styles. Choose from tunics, cardigans, skirts, dresses, and of course, tees!



Taylor Stitch


Responsibly-made staples for men built for the long haul.


No, it’s not a pop star.

Taylor Stitch is a men’s clothing brand that offers responsibly made staples in sustainable fabrics. These are clothes that are designed to get better with time and “wear in” rather than wear out.

But, if your Taylor Stitch products do get a little too well-loved, you can take advantage of their buyback program!

Basically, you send in your old clothes for store credit, and they’ll be repaired or recycled to keep them out of the landfill.



PACT Apparel


High-quality organic, GMO-free, sweatshop-free clothes


Pact Apparel makes organic, fair trade, sustainably-made apparel that feels ridiculously good against the skin.

Seriously, once you try on their undies, you will be ruined for other brands.

Fair warning.

But they do much more than base layers. They have full lines for men, women, and kids, as well as sumptuous organic cotton bedding that feels like sleeping in a silk cloud.

A little bird told me that bath towels will be coming soon as well, so keep an eye out for those! If I had to guess, I’d say they’ll sell out fast.



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