Eco-Friendly Kids Toys & Games

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Teaching your kids to do good? Surrounding them with eco-friendly toys and games is a great place to start! Check out DoneGood’s collection for conscientious fun stuff made with fair labor and eco-friendly practices. For sustainably-made stuffed animals, books, and activity kits that your kids will love, shop on!

Good for People: As parents, we know we don’t want our kids’ products to come at the expense of another mother or father around the world. That’s why all the products on DoneGood are guaranteed to be good for workers! You’re sure to find plenty of  sustainable kids toys in our collection that do good for your kid and other people!

Good for the planet: It’s kind of unbelievable the amount of toys that kids accumulate.. Let’s do our best to keep all that stuff from harming the environment! With quality-made organic and sustainable toys, our collection is full of products made with better processes that are less likely to end up in a landfill!

Good & Safe: We get that you’re pretty picky with the kind of products your kid plays with. That’s why many of our partner brands source organic toys like natural rubber teethers, organic cotton dolls, and other kid and baby-safe products. 

Good for kids: Experts say that those annoying plastic toys with batteries aren’t great for kids anyway. So all the attention to detail that goes into making fair trade and eco-friendly kids toys means better things for your kids. Organic materials instead of harmful toxins, durable toys instead of plastic ones that break, and the knowledge at a young age that they’re doing a little good in the world!