Fair Trade Coffee

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Do some good just by enjoying your favorite morning beverage—shop DoneGood’s coffee collection! Find sustainable, ethically-made coffee that pays a fair wage to farmers and workers. Doesn’t it feel good to change the world a little bit every morning?

Better for workers: Coffee that’s made with slave labor and child labor really takes the jolt out of that morning cup! That’s why our collection is filled with fair trade coffee that makes sure the farmer is as empowered as the sipper! Shop for fair trade certified coffee with ease, knowing that the people involved in harvesting and roasting your beans earn fair wages and work in safe conditions.

Better for the planet: Our partner brands are on a mission to creatively care for the planet through sustainable coffee products. That means practices like going organic, minimizing waste in packaging, reducing water, going carbon neutral, and planting trees! Do a little good for the planet with organic, fair trade coffee!

Better for you: What’s better for people and better for the environment is usually better for you! Because when our brands go organic, use natural processes, and really care about the craft, the coffee tastes better and is healthier too! Enjoy a delicious cup that’s good for everyone!