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Our team has screened every brand that sells on our site to make sure they use ecofriendly practices and pay good wages.  

Gifts handmade by someone paid well tend to be more unique, more meaningful, and higher quality than stuff cranked out in giant corporate mass production factories.

So the gifts you find on DoneGood are better for the world—but we think they’re also just better too.

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If we all use even a fraction of our holiday spending getting gifts that fight poverty and climate change, the impact is HUGE.

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Good News: You No Longer Have to Agonize Over What You Buy.

Because we did the research for you. We’ve collected over 120 brands that are actively fighting climate change, poverty, hunger, inequality, pollution.

We wanted there to be a site where we could get the things we need—and feel good knowing the money we spend was supporting things we believe in.  So we created DoneGood.

Learn more about how we vet brands that sell on our site.

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Transform from a "Consumer" to a Changemaker

Current economic systems are keeping millions locked in poverty and are destroying the planet. 

Consumer spending is the force that gets businesses to change these systems. 

The more we support businesses that do good for people and the planet, the more those businesses succeed. The more other people start businesses that do good too.  Eventually, even the "Big Guys" start to improve their practices.

So--let’s not buy stuff we don’t need. Let’s no longer be “consumers.”

Instead, when we do need to buy something, let’s use our most powerful force for change--the dollars we spend--to make the world better.