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Make the world better with every purchase.

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DoneGood makes it quick, easy, and affordable to use your dollars for good.

Instantly discover hundreds socially and environmentally responsible brands that you can feel good about supporting.



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Shop your values.

DoneGood brands do good for people, animals, and the planet. They obsess over what makes it into their products, where those items are sourced, and how it impacts their customers, workers, and the world around them. And they believe in quality, fairness, and sustainability over profit.

Feel good about what you buy.

We work tirelessly to discover the world’s most incredible purpose-driven brands so that anyone can become a more empowered consumer. By shopping with the DoneGood Shop, browser plugin, and mobile app for iPhone and Android, you can save money, get higher quality stuff, and feel good about what your purchase is supporting.



Our dollars are the world's most powerful force for change. 

Each day, American consumers spend more than $350 billion shopping. This equals the total funds raised by all U.S. charities in an entire year. If even a fraction of these dollars also reduced poverty, protected the environment, and created a better world, the impact would be enormous.


"The Amazon of social good."

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Grant T.

“The revolution of social impact shopping has begun and thanks for being one of the leaders in the revolution. The way we shop has a massive influence on the issues and problems we face.”


Sandi P.

“Before you existed, my thought process when buying anything new went a little like this: “Ethical businesses are too hard to find so I’ll just swing by Walmart and get the cheap thing off the rack. Thanks for existing so that I don’t have an existential crisis every time I buy something.”


Meg W.

“You inspire us to make our money count. You make it easy for each of us to make a small difference that adds up to a dramatic impact. Here's to many more years of doing good together."