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About Our Sustainable Women’s Sweatshirts

The very definition of cozy. If you need some more warm layers in your closet, add some DoneGood-approved women’s hoodies and sweatshirts into the mix. Our entire collection is made with sustainable business practices—like planet-friendly processes and fair labor. We’ve made sure they’re ethically made, so you can just focus on staying nice and toasty. Here are some reasons why we think you'll love our collection:


Great for the planet: For sustainable women's sweatshirts, we’ve got you covered! Our partner brands start with sustainable harvesting (often opting for organic cotton), producing quality fabrics, and finish their products in low-impact, low-waste facilities. Many design their process to use significantly less water than traditional textile manufacturing. The result is a collection of sustainable coziness that the planet and you will love! 

Great for people: Operating under the principle of fair wages and safe working conditions for all, our partner brands offer a variety of fair trade and sweatshop free sweatshirts that empower the maker as much as the wearer.

Looks great on you: Since our partner brands are serious about quality, they’re committed to making great quality sustainable women’s sweatshirts that you’ll love to wear. With a variety of styles, sizes, colors, prints, and fits, you’re sure to find a piece that looks as good as it feels!

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