About Us

DoneGood is the shopping site where every purchase you make does good for people and the planet.

On DoneGood.com you can find thousands of products from 100+ brands—and know that the DoneGood team has vetted every brand to make sure they’re paying good wages, empowering communities, and using highly ecofriendly practices.

DoneGood’s small team quit our careers working in Congress, for non-profits, and in other fields to build DoneGood because we believe the dollars we all spend are the world’s most powerful force for change.  

Our mission is to empower people to transform from consumers to changemakers by diverting their spending away from giant corporations that keep people locked in poverty and destroy the planetand instead to amazing brands that are reducing poverty, fighting climate change, and doing good in so many other ways. 

So you can always know that the dollars you spend are building a better world.

Our Community's Vision

Our vision is a world in which every business is doing good for people and the planet

Every time each of us chooses to make a purchase from an ethical and sustainable brand, like the ones found on DoneGoodwe take a step closer to that world.

Better for the World--and for YOU 

Items handmade by someone paid well tend to be higher quality and last longer than stuff that's mass-produced in giant factoriesthat means buying less, and spending less, over the long-run. 

And non-toxic, natural products are healthier for you and your family!

So the items you find on DoneGood are better for the world, and just better too.

Making sustainable shopping more affordable

A big part of our mission is working to make sustainable shopping more affordable and more accessible to more people:

1. All sales in one place: we automatically post every item one of our partner brands has on sale on our Sales Page--so you can always easily shop all the best deals in the sustainable world in one place.

2. Discount codes: we work with our partners to get you exclusive discount codesfind these on product pages all over DoneGood.com!

3. Rewards program: For every $100 you spend on DoneGood you get a $10 gift card! To get rewards, click the "Rewards" tab in the lower right of the screen.

4. Major sales events: we invite partners to participate in major sales events where they markdown items 33% - 60%!  Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to know when the big sales are.


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DoneGood is:

-A B Corp Best for the World Award winner for excellent social and environmental impact

-Incorporated as a “public benefit corporation”—so we’re legally required to pursue our social mission, not just maximize shareholder profit.

-An alumni of the Harvard Innovation Lab business incubator program

-Recognized as a gamechanger by national media outlets like The Washington Post, New York Times, CNBC, CBS This Morning, Fast Company, WIRED, Mashable, Forbes, and many more

-A small but determined team that vets and interviews every single brand before we allow them to sell on DoneGood.com  Learn More 


What we’ve done together:

Doing good for people
and the planet

Supporting ethical,
sustainable companies

To companies making
the world better


Since launching DoneGood, thousands of passionate and empowered consumers have joined our community. Together we’ve all diverted over $2 million of consumer spending away from systems that keep people locked in poverty and destroy the planet, and instead to brands that reduce poverty, fight climate change and build a better world in many other ways.

This is a great start. But pretty soon, with your support, there will be millions of us. And that’s when the "Big Guys" will really start to sweat...



DoneGood was created with a simple mission: to make it quick, easy and more affordable to use our purchasing power for good. When you give a business your money, you want to know you’re getting a quality product, and that your money will be used in a way that fits your beliefs.


Americans gave $475 billion to charity last year, but we spent $130 trillion buying stuff. Redirecting even a small percentage of our spending to brands that reduce poverty, fight climate change, and make the world better makes a huge impact. The dollars we spend can be the world’s most powerful force for change!


“In 2015, while working in Washington, D.C. with the Obama administration, I became painfully aware that all of the hours, votes, donations, petitions, and marches did not stand up to the thousands of dollars of my own spending that I was handing over to massive, profit-hungry corporations every year. I wanted a place where it was easy to shop with companies that I knew I could feel good about supporting. I couldn't find that place, so I quit my career to start DoneGood."
-Cullen Schwarz, DoneGood Founder



We scour the planet to find the brands that make great stuff and make the world better. Companies that create high-quality products in a way that's good for people and the planet. To us, “Good for people” means empowering workers, paying good wages, and facilities free of trafficking or child labor and unsafe working conditions. “Good for the planet” means using eco-friendly production processes, using non-toxic, organic, and/or recycled or upcycled materials, and taking steps to keep land, air and water clean.
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For most of human history, trade was simple.

One person had a lot of something, another had a lot of something else, they gave each other something of value, and both were better off. Currency was later invented to make the process more efficient. This went on for thousands of years.

Even heading into the last century, things were pretty straightforward. Merchants were in our community. We knew the butcher and the baker. Things were made simply. Food was fresh. Materials were natural. People literally stood by their products, so things were made with character and quality. And businesses naturally invested in their people and their communities.

In the second half of the 20th century, things changed. Many companies saw success and wanted to get much bigger.

Mass production became the norm. Corporations became capable of making things anywhere in the world. There were some benefits to this—products could be churned out more uniformly, less expensively and much quicker. But there were trade-offs.

As companies chased more profit, they sought the cheapest places and processes for making stuff. They realized that by manufacturing products that wore out faster, it would actually cause people to buy more.

This led to cheap, mass-produced goods created using synthetic and toxic materials, which lacked the quality needed to withstand the test of time. It gave way to overseas factories that mistreated workers, locked people in poverty, and destroyed the planet. The same box stores were selling us the same stuff. We all kinda started to look the same.



We’re realizing that fresher food produced closer to home and grown without pesticides actually tastes better and is better for us. We don’t want products for our bodies that are filled with an alphabet soup of toxic chemical ingredients. We’ve decided that quality matters, choosing hand-made, small-batch, more durable goods instead of things that tear or break shortly after we buy them.

We’re returning to our roots, looking for unique items made by real people, choosing craftsmanship over mass-production, all-natural over genetically-modified, mission-aligned over profit-driven.

And people are starting more companies like this every day. A small outdoor clothing business that makes garments in Colorado, with fabric that’s all milled in the USA, and pays all workers a living wage with benefits. A company on a mission to improve the health of people and the planet by making home goods out of 100% recycled plastics without BPAs and other toxins. A young woman who traveled to Nepal, met women who escaped sex trafficking, wanted to support them, and started an apparel company to empower these women with good-paying jobs.



These brands are the underdogs, going up against the Big Guys, determined to prove you can build a successful business that makes the world better at the same time.

We want them to succeed.

The world needs them to succeed.

That’s why we do what we do. To help people find the unique, the simple, the natural, the good. And to support those who took a big risk to start a company that’s committed to doing the right thing.

The more we can help these companies succeed, the more of them there will be. Eventually, the Big Guys will take notice, and they’ll begin to change too (in fact they already are changing--now we just need to accelerate the progress!).

The economy, and the world, will see a revolution in this century as dramatic as the one in the last (but it'll be a good one this time).

In the meantime, we can all get better stuff, make a real impact for other people and the planet, and make the world better--just by getting something we needed to buy anyway.