Our Criteria


DoneGood-approved brands: businesses
doing good for people on the planet

The DoneGood community is made up of people who fight for things they believe in. We believe in equality, human rights, fair wages, and worker empowerment. We believe in protecting wildlife and the environment. 

The DoneGood-approved brands that sell on DoneGood.com believe in these things too--we vet every brand to make sure of that before we allow them to list items on our site.

The brands we approve to join DoneGood are the underdogs, going up against the ‘big guys.’ They're determined to prove that you can build a successful business while creating meaningful, high-quality products--with practices that do good for people and the planet.


Eco-FriendlyEmpowers WorkersVeganWomen/Person of Color OwnedToxin-FreeGive BackRecycled/UpcycledOrganic/GMO-FreeCruelty-FreeMade in the USA


We look for brands that “make great stuff and make the world better.” These are ethical, sustainable businesses that create unique products built-to-last, and are doing so with production practices that do good for people and the planet.

To us, “good for people” means: empowering workers, paying living wages, producing in safe working conditions, no excessive mandatory overtime, investing in communities, and of course production facilities free of trafficked or child labor. 
To determine living wages: For U.S. production, we use the MIT Living Wage Calculator to check living wages in the county in which production is located. For non-domestic production, we look to non-profits who do work to determine a living wage in the country/region production facilities are located.

To us, “good for the planet” means: being incredibly more sustainable than the big-name counterpart in the brand's industry. Different brands in different indutries tackle this in different ways--using eco-friendly processes like facilities powered with renewable energy; or low impact operations (like small handmade production with a small carbon footprint); using non-toxic, organic and/or recycled or upcycled materials; and otherwise taking significant steps to fight climate change and keep land, air and water clean.  

At the end of the day: our approach is to vet brands, verify info, and then tell YOU how the brand is doing good for people and the planet. Information about each brand's social and environmental impact is listed on EVERY product page. Our (currently small!) team is working to add more impact info to each page as much as we can.

With the info, you can make an empowered purchasing decision.

How we collect data:

To determine a brand’s impact, we start by aggregating data from independent certifying organizations. This includes B Corp scores, Fair Trade organizations, GOTS, the Rain Forest Alliance, and many others.

We combine these certifications with our own research, interviews, and standards.  We talk to EVERY brand before allowing them to sell on our site--asking them detailed questions, follow-up questions, and asking them to sign to attest to various business practices and requiring that they demonstrate how they’re following through on those practices.

And, we rely on help from the DoneGood community—that’s you! So, if you know a company that should (or should not) be featured on DoneGood, please let us know. Simply fill out this form to recommend a brand you think we should vet and potentially add to DoneGood, or, shoot us an email with the company’s name and website at team@donegood.co to let us know what you think of them.

We’re continually scouring the planet for unique, high-quality, mission-driven businesses. But DoneGood companies are often small and hard to find—and new social impact brands are being started every day. So, we always appreciate learning about incredible companies that we might not know about yet.

In the end, our goal is to select a set of businesses where, if everyone supported those businesses instead of the big-name counterparts in their industry, the world would be a substantially better place. 

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Here's a little independent verification on DoneGood too:

Proud to be a B Corp

CertifiableLike many of the partner brands whose products we carry on our site, DoneGood was certified as a B Corp. B Corps are businesses certified by B Lab, a nonprofit committed to the idea of using business as a force for good, to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. In other words—companies that are independently verified to be doing good for people and the planet. We’ve even been named a B Corp “Best for the World” Awardee for our own business practices and overall social and environemntal impact. Learn more about Certified B Corps.

Street-legal: DoneGood is also legally incorporated as a public benefit corporation. So, we’re "DoneGood, PBC" rather than an "LLC" or a C-Corp or an “Inc.” PBC is a relatively new legal designation that means that we’re legally required to fulfill a social mission, not just maximize shareholder profit. So doing good is literally baked into our legal corporate charter. Learn more about public benefit corporations.

Proud 1% for the Planet members

1% for the Planet is a global movement of businesses committed to giving 1% of revenues to environmental non-profits. If every U.S. consumer-facing business followed suit, the environment would have a $130 billion war chest. Imagine that. We did. That’s why we pledge 1% of revenue we earn from DoneGood purchases to the cause. Learn more about 1% for the Planet.


DoneGood's small team all quit other careers to start DoneGood because we really believe that the dollars we all spend can be the world's most powerful force for change. Our mission is to help people transform from consumers to changemakers by diverting their spending away from Mega-Multinationals that keep people locked in poverty and destroy the planet, and instead to amazing mission-driven brands that are paying good wages, investing in communities, fighting climate change with sustainable practices, and doing good in many other ways. 

So you can always know that the dollars you spend are making the world better.

If you have ideas for improving our criteria, have additional questions, or would just like to chat more about these issues, we love that!  Please email us anytime at: team@donegood.co