Eco-Friendly Candles

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Nothing brightens up a home like the warm light and soft fragrance of a candle. But you can step it up even further with our collection of quality, organic candles, made with natural fragrances, fair labor, and a passion for eco-friendliness. Check out our sustainable and ethically-made candles to add some peace and calm to your home. Here are a few reasons you’ll love our collection of DoneGood approved candles:

So many scents: From lavender and citrus, to musks and woodsy scents—DoneGood features a variety of candles with fragrances to calm, to excite, to soften, and to add warmth. Whatever mood you’re looking to set, we’ve got you covered.
Natural & non-toxic: We know you don’t want to be lighting up a bunch of harmful toxins in your home—not when you’re trying to relax! With natural waxes, essential oils, and cotton wicks, DoneGood approved candles only fill your home with the good stuff.
Eco-friendly: Forget about paraffin wax and synthetic materials that harm the environment! DoneGood approved candles are made with natural waxes like soy wax, coconut wax, and beeswax. All the materials in DoneGood approved candles—like organic cotton wicks, upcycled glass jars, and natural essential oils—are sustainably sourced to do good for the planet.
Great for people: DoneGood approved brands pay fair wages and give back! Our candles are made with love by skilled artisans—many of whom are refugees or survivors of human trafficking, making a good living with dignified employment!