Women's Sustainable Mules & Loafers

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Let’s face it, being an amazing human being can take it out of you. Take a load off and relax with a pair of ultra-comfy and eco-friendly slippers. Shop our collection of sustainable men’s slippers and house shoes—you’ll be doing good for people and the planet just by lounging around the house. Here’s why you’ll love our collection:

Oh-so-comfy: Our partner brands work extra hard to make sure that slipping on your house shoes is a bright spot in your day! With molded orthopedics to provide natural arch support, natural dyes and fabrics, and chrome free-leather, anyone can feel the extra comfort in a pair of DoneGood approved slippers. 
Oh-so-cozy: Natural fabrics like wool and organic cotton are made to be just a little cozier! Our slippers are thermoregulating, meaning they naturally wick away moisture so your feet stay warm and cozy without getting hot and sweaty. They’re like a hug for your feet!
Sustainable: DoneGood’s shoe collection is always eco-friendly—with plenty of sustainable shoes and even vegan options! Our collection of house shoes is curated to have the most sustainable slippers on the market. With ethically-sourced wool from unfenced sheep, handmade production, and low-impact dyes—you’re sure to get the planet’s favorite slippers!
Great for people: All of DoneGood’s products are made with ethical labor—no sweatshops, slave labor, or child labor here! DoneGood’s collection of slippers and house shoes provides empowerment and fair wages to artisans who hand-make your slippers with love!

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