Women's Flats

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Look fabulous while you're keeping it comfy! DoneGood’s collection of quality-made flats is here to help you do just that. Check out our collection of sustainable and eco-friendly flats for your new favorite pair of ballet flats, mules, oxfords, and other everyday shoes! Here’s why you’ll love them:

Variety: We’ve already said it, but we’ve truly got women’s flats for everyone, no matter what your budget or what style or color you need! Look no further for a sustainable pair of ballet flats, slip ons, sandals, and more!
Style & Comfort: You can tell these shoes are classy and stylish just by looking, but fashion doesn’t come at the expense of comfort! Customers rave about these shoes’ soft, cushy insoles, worn-in feel, and great fit!
Vegan options: Look no further for vegan shoes! We’ve got options, like flats made from recycled materials, vegan leather, and organic cotton! Get a kickass pair of shoes without compromising your values!
Great for the Planet: Even if vegan isn’t your thing, you can still guarantee sustainable sourcing from flats on DoneGood! Our brands are committed to low-waste and low-impact production for truly sustainable footwear!
Great for people: Slave labor, child labor, and poverty wages have no place making your shoes! For handmade, fair trade flats that pay good wages and give back to artisans all over the world, look no further!