Corporate & Event Gifting with DoneGood!

DoneGood is the #1 place to shop for sustainable, high-quality, ethically made gifts for events and corporations. We're partnered with 200+ brands that empower workers with living wages and safe working conditions and have eco-friendly production practices.

Types of Corporate & Event Gifting:

  • Personalized Products
  • Employee and Client Gifting 
  • Corporate Holiday Gifting
  • Values-Based Gift Sets (Vegan, Upcycled, BIPOC Owned, Women Owned, etc.)
  • Conference Swag

We offer items that can be branded, co-branded and even customized and bulk produced to fit the needs of your large corporate events, conferences, weddings, or parties.

How To Inquire:

Send us an email at

Include any details you have about the type of products you're interested in, purpose of the products, targeted budget, and timing- to help us work through your request faster!  Or just reach out and let's brainstorm together!

Why Do We Offer This Service?

We believe that the dollars we all spend can be the world’s most powerful force for change. Whenever any of us decides to make a purchase from brands that are proving that businesses can be a force for good in the world, the more those businesses succeed, the more other companies follow suit—and the better the world gets.

These purchases make a positive impact in people’s lives and for our planet, and help bring friends, family, colleagues, and clients into the movement.