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About Our Recycled, Eco Friendly Men’s Sandals

Keep your chill with eco-friendly sandals on DoneGood! Flip flops, slip-ons, huarache sandals, and more—all sustainably-made with people and the planet as their priority. Shop on for your next pair of eco-friendly sunny-day shoes! Here’s why we think you’ll love our collection of men’s sandals!

Variety: We’ve already said it, but we’ve truly got men’s sandals for everyone, no matter what your budget or what style you need!
Style & Comfort: You can tell these shoes are classy and stylish just by looking, but style doesn’t come at the expense of comfort! Customers rave about these shoes’ soft, cushy insoles, worn-in feel, great fit, and variety of styles!
Vegan options: Look no further for men’s vegan sandals! We’ve got options, like sandals made from recycled materials, vegan leather, or organic cotton. Get a kickass pair of shoes without compromising your values!
Sustainable: Even if vegan isn’t your thing, you can still guarantee sustainable sourcing from sandals on DoneGood! All our leather shoes are made with sustainably-sourced leather—it’s all a byproduct of the meat industry and most is crafted with vegetable tanning! Many brands also use recycled rubber from tires for the soles of theses sandals. Repurposing this recycled rubber is a great sustainable alternative that makes for a comfy and durable sole. Beyond sourcing, our brands are committed to low-waste and low-impact production for truly eco-friendly sustainable shoes!
Great for people: Slave labor, child labor, and poverty wages have no place making your shoes! For fair trade sandals that pay good wages and give back to artisans all over the world, look no further than DoneGood!


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