26 Sustainable Gift Guides for 2023

Gifts that do good for people and the planet

All gifts in these guides are made with good wages and ecofriendly practices. 

And, we think they're just higher quality, really unique, and more meaningful than most of the stuff the Big Boxes are cranking out in giant mass-production facilities somewhere.

And to save a little $$ - check out what's On Sale right now! (Check back because we're adding new items to the Guides and Sale page every week!)    


Eco-Friendly Gift Shop For Kids - Young girl holding bunny toy  Eco-Friendly Easter Shop For Adults - Rabbit Cheese Board



    Non-toxic and thoughtfully made gifts for kids  Thoughtful and ethically made gifts mom will love    Ethically made and eco-friendly gifts for the party host  Sustainable and ethically-made gifts for teachers 


Eco-friendly gifts that fit your budget under $50    The best eco-friendly and sustainable gifts under $100
    The top big gifts of the season that are eco-friendly and ethical  The perfect gift that gives back for anyone on your list.


  Eco-friendly gifts for the mindful and zen this holiday season     Cozy sustainable gifts for the homebody  The perfect gift for a minimalist does exsist


Cute and unique sustainable gifts for the animal lover, dog lover, or cat lover.  Ethically-made gifts for the foodie or chef in your life  The perfect gift for fierce feminists Gifts for the earth warrior fighting to protect the planet  Tasty gifts for the coffee lover  Sustainable gifts for the star gazer, planet lover, and space dreamer          

Our holiday purchases make a huge impact

Americans spent over $1 Trillion buying holiday gifts last year. What if even a fraction of that holiday shopping could also fight climate change, reduce poverty, and make the world better?

It can! With gifts from DoneGood you can tell loved ones that their gift means less carbon in the air and a good wage and a better life for the people who made it.