For the Feminist

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Girls run the world! And they also appreciate a gift that empowers other women! Find ethical and eco-friendly gifts that empower the strong women in their life while empowering others! Here’s why we think you’ll love our gifts for feminists gift guide.

Empowering Messages: Let the amazing woman in your life know just how much you see and appreciate her. With jewelry, bags, keychains and more with empowering messages and words, you’re bound to find feminists Christmas presents that will both uplift and serve practical needs for your feminist friend.

Empowers Others: Lots of products sport empowering feminist messages, even as they’re made by women in the developing world who aren’t earning a fair wage. Not the case with the DoneGood feminist collection! All the products featured empower the giftee, and the maker (usually a woman) with fair wages and working conditions. Most of them even give back to other feminist causes!

Great for People and the Planet: It’s easy to find eco-friendly and fair trade Christmas gifts for feminists with our collection! Browse through, stress-free, knowing that the people who made your gifts were paid and treated fairly, and the earth is a little cleaner because of it!

Gifts with a Story: Everyone likes a gift with a story, right? How about telling your friend who’s packing light “this bag gives back to alleviate period poverty” or “a piece of this necklace was given to a survivor of sex trafficking” or “these socks give back to prevent breast cancer?” No better gift than that!