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Need a gift for someone who likes to travel? We’ve got you covered! Check out our collection for a selection of the best holiday gift for your adventuring friend or family member. All gifts in our Frequent Traveler Collection are eco-friendly, sustainable, and made with fair labor. Here’s why we think you’ll love our collection: 

Great options for you: However they like to take their trips, whatever their age, whatever your budget, we’ve got great holiday gift ideas for those who like to travel. Useful, sustainable presents they’ll love that you can buy with a clean conscience.

Great for the planet: If they like to travel the planet, chances are they want to protect it too! We put our partner brands and their products to the test to make sure they are truly good for the planet.These brands are going zero-waste, organic, and carbon neutral. They’re giving back to plant trees and save the rainforest!

Great for people: It’s easy to find ethically-made gifts for traveling aficionados with our collection! Browse through, stress-free, knowing that the people who made your gifts were paid and treated fairly.

Great stories: Everyone likes a gift with a story, right? How about being able to tell your world-traveling giftee “this solar light gives back to provide light in the developing world” or “this passport cover is handmade by empowered artisans in Haiti,” or “these travel coffee pouches are saving the rainforest in Madagascar”? No better gift than that!