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8 Ethical Alternatives to Old Navy—Updated for 2022

As a high school and college student, Old Navy drew me in with its discount racks of cheap and seasonal styles. But, of course, when I began to make the move toward being a more conscious consumer, those low prices began to sound more like a warning bell than a siren’s song.

Which led me to wonder: Is Old Navy ethical?

As fast fashion brands go, Old Navy is a mixed bag. They have gotten into some pretty hot water over the years for persistent labor abuses in their supply chain, but recently have made some policy changes to improve their impact on the planet and their workers. 

In practice, however, Old Navy has had a difficult time carrying these policies out, so they still have a ways to go. So, keep asking Old Navy about their environmental and labor practices, and keep reminding them that those issues are important to you.

But, when you can find similar styles and similar prices to Old Navy in brands that are already doing their part for people and the planet, why not just shop at those places for all your men's, women's, and kids' apparel needs?

That’s why we’ve got eight ethical alternatives to Old Navy for you. And, as always, we even have some exclusive DoneGood promo codes for many of them!

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Now, let's get into it...


Maggie’s Organics

Women’s apparel & accessories

Maggie’s Organics specializes in comfortable and stylish basics like organic cotton leggings, sweaters, and socks! You’ll feel great both inside and out anytime you put on a piece from Maggie’s Organics! 

Brand values: Fair trade-certified, made in the USA, GOTS certified organic cotton, eco-friendly, empowers workers


Pistol Lake

Men’s apparel

Pistol Lake believes, like we do, in “taking less and adventuring more.” Which is why they offer high-quality activewear for men and constantly work to make their products even more sustainable! 

Brand values: Made in USA, toxin-free, recycled material, eco-friendly

Use code PISTOLLAKE15 and get 15% off your first purchase 



Women’s apparel

wvn clothing
WVN offers trendy, organic, versatile basics for women. And with their frequent sales, you’re bound to get some great bargains, while still doing your part for people and the planet! 

Brand values: Organic, toxin-free, empowers workers, eco-friendly, gives back. 


Toad & Co 

Men’s & Women’s apparel, shoes, & accessories

Toad & Co is leading the way in using their business to give back! They make casualwear that’s perfect for an active lifestyle, and give back with every purchase to the planet and to adults with disabilities. 

Brand values: Member 1% for the planet, organic, vegan, uses recycled fabrics, gives back, eco-friendly, empowers workers

Groceries Apparel

Men’s and Women’s apparel

With Groceries Apparel, you’ll find simple and stylish clothes, made in California from 100% organic and recycled materials. Groceries Apparel is so transparent, they trace their supply chain from fabrics to finished products, and even give tours of their factory in LA! 

Brand Values: Made in the USA, toxin-free, vegan, organic, eco-friendly, empowers workers 

Pact Apparel

Men’s, Women’s, & Kid’s apparel & accessories

Ever trusty Pact Apparel has all your basics (like underwear, tanks, and tees), as well as fun, seasonal styles for when you need to change up your wardrobe every once in a while! And if you appreciate Old Navy’s frequent sales, Pact Apparel will not disappoint!

Brand values: Organic cotton, fair trade-certified factories, GMO-free, toxin-free, empowers workers, eco-friendly, gives back



Men’s and Women’s apparel & accessories

KNOWN SUPPLY is all about bringing humanity back to clothes-making. They hold themselves to the highest labor standards—each piece of clothing is actually signed by its maker!

Brand values: Empowers workers, gives back





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