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Natural, Cruelty-Free Alternatives to Clinique

Clinique is a beauty brand with a long history. Many of our mothers used Clinique products and swore by them, as well as their mothers before them.

But, if you’re interested in more natural products from brands that don’t participate in animal testing of any kind, you may be looking to break with tradition.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer or that just-right ruby red lipstick, here are a few brands that are great alternatives to Clinique:


Teadora has a huge range of natural skincare products, along with a few treats for your hair and body as well!

Even though they’re committed to using only natural ingredients sourced from Brazilian rainforest botanicals, they never skimp on effectiveness. They work extensively with top botanists to make sure that they get each formulation right, and that it actually does what it’s supposed to do.

It might sound limiting, using only natural ingredients from a specific part of the world, but the Brazilian rainforest is super rich in beautifying botanicals. Here are just some of the amazing ingredients Teadora uses:


  • Acai - Improves skin cell regeneration and protects from pollution.
  • Amazonian White Clay - Increases skin elasticity, reduces dryness, and improves texture
  • Andiroba - Boosts collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Aquasense™ - This derivative of the Brazilian Angico Branco tree is proven to increase collagen, elastin, and Glycosaminoglycans
  • Argan plant stem cells - Tightens and tones skin while rejuvenating the middle layer
  • Babassu - Moisturizes and protects skin’ moisture barrier or acid mantle
  • Brazil nut - Wonderful moisturizer for the whole body
  • Brazilian red clay- Increased skin elasticity and firmness significantly in clinical tests.
  • Copaiba - Reduces acne as well as the appearance of scars 
  • Guarana - Anti-inflammatory with anti-aging and toning properties

There are many more awesome Brazilian powerhouse ingredients, but I think that’s a long enough list for now! Head over to the Teadora website to see all these ingredients in action.

Beauty By Earth

Beauty By Earth offers skincare, haircare, and makeup products that are all-natural and organic. They have everything you need, from facial cleansers and scrubs to masks, toner, tinted sunscreen, lip balm, and even makeup remover!

If you like a simple, barely-there makeup look, Beauty By Earth could be your one-stop-shop. They have a variety of bundles available that let you get everything you need all at once. There’s the Ultimate Beauty Bundle, for those who like a bit of coverage on their skin, the basic Cleansing Skincare Bundle for those who just want to get down to business, and a few stops in between.

Once you’ve found the products you love, you can even sign up for auto-replenishment which will get you a 5% discount and ensure that you never run out of your favorite sunscreen right before your big beach vacation.

The Refill Shoppe 

The Refill Shoppe offers a wide variety of luxurious skincare products, many of which you can customize with your own scent blends. They also come packaged in a container of your choice the first time, and thereafter in low-waste refill packages that can be returned and reused.

They don’t have any makeup products at the moment, but they do have plenty of skincare options, as well as hair care, shower essentials, and home cleaning favorites. 

Theoretically, you could outfit your shower, medicine cabinet, and cleaning cupboard with products with the same scent blend if you found one that you really, really liked. Or just go with complementary scents so that things aren’t too matchy-matchy.

If you’re someone who loves scent like me, you could easily spend hours looking through all of their available fragrance oils and essential oils, dreaming of the perfect blend. There’s an unheard-of level of personalization involved- right down to the relative strength of each scent in your blend.

If that kind of thing doesn’t interest you, you can always choose one of their premade blends. I like the sound of Fancy, which is described as having notes of Plum Tea, Violet, Green Tea, Champagne & Ylang Ylang

You can also control the level of scent in your product, from light to super-duper strong. Unscented is always an option, too!

Babo Botanicals

All of the products at Babo Botanicals are meticulously formulated according to strict quality standards. Not only do they have to look great, feel great, and work wonderfully, but they also have to be made from the absolute finest ingredients and adhere to criteria like these:

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Tearless
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No icky chemicals
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic colors
  • Gluten-free (some products do contain non-GMO oat)
  • Dairy and soy-free
  • No peanut, almond or walnut nut oils
  • No petrolatum or mineral oil
  • Color safe
  • Reef friendly
  • Breastfeeding safe
  • Made with pure flowers & plant extracts or minerals

Wow! Whatever your requirements are in skincare and makeup products, this list probably has them covered. Most anyone can feel good about buying lip gloss, tinted sunscreen, or any other product from Babo Botanicals.


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