Alternatives to Victoria's Secret—Updated for 2022

Victoria’s Secret is one of America’s leading lingerie brands, but for certain shoppers, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

If your style, size, or values have spurred you to look for some alternatives to Victoria’s Secret, you’ve come to the right place!

All of the brands on this list make high-quality, ethically-made intimates with an eye toward sustainability. And even better, many are actually more affordable than Victoria's Secret!

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Without further ado, let’s check out the brands!


JulieMay's collection features beautiful, detailed intimates that are made for comfort with organic cotton and pure silk, and designed for women with allergies and sensitive skin.

They have tons of options too—wired and unwired, lined and unlined bras, high waisted and hipster style panties, some styles for practical everyday wear, and others designed to show off—all in a large range of extended sizes. But one thing they have in common: JulieMay believes you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for elegance and femininity. All of their styles seek to maximize comfort, while looking great. 

Founder Tiffany originally started JulieMay to make items that her mother with allergies and sensitive skin could wear. That extra care and family love shows through in all their products. Their collection of all-natural, non-toxic bras and panties are free from latex, elastic, and lycra, made with mild dyes, and safe for individuals with nickel sensitivities.

Majamas Earth

If you like all the options that Victoria’s Secret gives its shoppers, then Majamas Earth would be a great alternative for you. If you're looking to save a little money, even better—Majamas is more affordable than VS!

Majamas has lots of styles, and each style also comes in a range of different colors and patterns, so you have a lot of choices. All the bras also include removable pads so you can choose whether you want a bit more coverage or an unlined look.

They have active styles, strapless styles, and everyday styles that you won’t be desperate to take off at the end of the day. Their sizing goes from S to XXL, which roughly translates into a range from 30A to 38G. They do have a handy size chart to help you out with choosing the right size.

Underwear comes in several different styles as well, including thongs, cheeky bikinis, and hipsters. The fabric choices are designed to complement different bras without being too matchy-matchy.

Majamas also has a few different gift boxes available that make it easy to give bras, underwear, or sets to that special someone...or stock up for yourself!

In terms of sustainability, Majama’s Earth does everything they can to minimize their impact on the environment. That includes things like buying eco-friendly fabric made in California under strict environmental regulations, making the clothes in the United States and treating their workers fairly, and using up scrap fabric in creative ways to minimize waste.

Here’s a video of Majama’s founder Germaine talking about their environmental mission, which you can tell she’s very passionate about!



PACT Apparel

PACT Apparel offers the perfect marriage of comfort and sexiness. Pact's collection is ultra-comfy, but they also offer some lacey details, strappy backs, and a few things with a bit more “oomph” to them.

They also have a wider range of colors and patterns that make things a bit more fun, even for daily wear, and they are totally affordable!

PACT’s bras and panties are comfy, everyday essentials that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in if your date goes better than you thought it would!

Plus, PACT uses all organic cotton made in certified fair trade factories with zero harmful chemicals. Their core motto is those who make the clothes are equal to those who wear them and should be treated with the same respect. 

Groceries Apparel


Groceries Apparel offers a wide variety of cute bralettes and bandeaus that can add a little pretty to your top drawer. A lot of their designs would be equally appropriate on display at a yoga class or under your pajamas as you lounge around at home.

Groceries Apparel exercises a lot of control over its supply chain to ensure that everything is environmentally friendly as possible. In fact, they trace every ingredient from seed to skin, as they say. All of their fabrics are free of GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides, fair trade, and sometimes recycled. 

Some of the fabrics they use include organic cotton, Lyocell, hemp, recycled plastic, and recycled cotton. These are then colored with non-toxic vegetable dyes and made into the beautiful clothing you see on display in their shop.  

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