Boycott Trump: Companies to Avoid

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It's important to know companies to avoid; where your purchase will be inadvertently supporting causes you don't believe in. And that's why we've made this list of companies with financial ties to Trump. You can send a powerful message by joining in the movement to boycott Trump and his supporters.

Can I really? Will anyone even notice? Yes! Our dollars are the world's most powerful force for change. Each day, American consumers spend more than $350 billion shopping. This equals the total funds raised by all U.S. charities in an entire year. If even a fraction of these dollars also reduced poverty, protected the environment, and created a better world, the impact would be enormous.

So where should you shop? Where can you buy products and feel confident that you're supporting brands that do good for people and the planet?

DoneGood works with brands that believe in equality, human rights, fair wages, and worker empowerment. We seek out businesses that believe in protecting wildlife and the environment; and use high-quality ingredients that don’t harm the planet or those who purchase them.

Explore DoneGood-approved brands and shop your values.

If you want to avoid companies with financial ties to Trump, here’s a quick list:

Company Reason to Avoid
ABC Supply Co-founder was vice chair of Trump Victory committee
AT&T Donated over $2 million in cash and services to Trump's inauguration
Bank of America / Merrill Lynch Donated $1 million to Trump's inauguration  
BP Donated $500k to Trump's inauguration
Charles Schwab Chairman Charles Schwab donated $1 million to Trump's inauguration
Estee Lauder Ron Lauder donated $100,000 to Trump Victory committee
Equinox Fitness / Soul Cycle Chairman held a $100k per ticket fundraiser for Trump's reelection
Hobby Lobby CEO endorsed Trump during campaign
HSN Carries Trump products
Las Vega Sands / Venetian Founder made a $25 million donation to Trump's presidential campaign
LendingTree CEO raised funds for Trump campaign or Trump PAC
LL Bean Board Member Linda Bean raised funds for Trump 
Marvel Entertainment Chair Isaac Perlmutter donated $360,600 to Trump Victory committee
MillerCoors Board Member Peter Coors raised funds for Trump or Trump PAC
NASCAR Frm CEO Brian France endored Trump during 2016 election cycle
Nathan's Famous Chairman raised funds for both Trump's election and reelection campaigns
New Balance Chairman donated $400,000 to Trump's campaign
Shell Oil Shell paid employees to attend Trump rally in August 2019
Trump Golf Courses Owned by Trump Family
Trump Hotels Owned by Trump Family
Trump Winery Owned by Trump Family
UFC President endorsed Trump in 2016 election cycle
Uline President raised funds for Trump presidential campaign
Wegmans Carries Trump Wine
WWE Co-Founder donated $7 million to Trump campaign

Also check out our list of alternatives to companies that support Trump for some suggestions on companies you can feel good about supporting instead.


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    Home Depot

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    Home depot and liberty mutual need to be added as well as jimmy johns.

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    Great job. Thanks

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