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Natural, Organic Household Cleaning Products—That Actually Work

From dish-washing and laundry detergent pods to other home cleaners, many are switching to safe, green brands like these.

It can make your head swim. “Toxic.” “Corrosive.” “Flammable.” These warning labels belong in a power plant, not your home.

But with brands using so many different chemicals in everyday home cleaning supplies—combined with a torrent of competing research on household chemicals—it can be hard to know which detergents, wipes and other cleaning products are safe for our families and the environment. 

  [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1956.0"] Just a friendly warning from your good ol’ neighborhood kitchen cleaner. [/caption]  

So even we decide that we want to make the switch to “natural,” “organic,” and “non-toxic” home cleaning supplies, we’re stuck trying to figure out where to find them and which ones work best.

But fear not: it is possible to wash your dishes without polluting your home. And to prove it, here are four of the best home cleaning products that are safe for people, kids, pets and the planet—but still kick dirt’s ass.



Plastic-free laundry and dishwasher detergent pods


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Know who invented laundry detergent pods? Hint: It wasn’t Tide or Gain. It was the makers of an eco-friendly, natural detergent called Dropps. In an effort to be even better for the environment they created water-soluble pods as a way to eliminate the need for the big plastic jugs used to deliver most detergents. 

The family behind Dropps has led the industry since the ‘80s. They started off making fabric for clothing and were frustrated that most detergents were so stringent they killed their high-quality fabrics quickly. So they developed a detergent that removed the enzymes that were destroying clothes and irritating skin to create a natural detergent that was gentle on fabric, people and the environment, but still got clothes exceptionally clean (so much so their formula has been rated the #1 detergent by Consumer Reports).  



All-purpose cleaning spray, dish soap, dishwasher and laundry tablets, and hand soaps


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CleanCult’s name implies devout obsession. Their tagline is bold: “The cleanest household cleaners on the planet.” Big words… but they’re backing it up. For full transparency, their site has a colorful diagram of all their cleaners’ ingredients: the main ingredient is coconut oil, which has fatty acids that, when combined with lie, turn into a powerful antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial agent. Other ingredients include olive oil, organic rosemary extract, aloe, and other natural stuff.

Notice anything missing? Right—no nasty chemicals.

Their plastic-free pods are good for the earth, too. And to go a step further they’ve set up carbon offsets to ensure their entire operation is carbon-neutral.

CleanCult has another motto, “The first rule of CleanCult is: cleaners gotta clean.”  They stand by their products’ toughness and ability to do the job of getting things clean first and foremost. 



All-purpose home cleaning spray, cleaning scrubs, laundry detergent, bath and body wash


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 Meliora is Latin for “better.”  Better for people, better for the planet, better cleaners, in all sorts of ways.  Their cleaners, both home and cleaners and body soaps, are made from 100% natural ingredients like washing and baking soda, coconut and sunflower oil, and glycerin. 

Their scents are made from organic materials too, like organic lemon, lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and other organic ingredients. They never use “fragrance”—like we noted in our blog on all natural shampoos and conditioners, the word “fragrance” is exempt from FDA ingredient-listing rules—so whenever you see fragrance in the ingredients list, it might as well read some chemical compounds we don’t want to tell you about.

Meliora is a better kind of business overall too—they pay living wages, are B Corp Certified for overall social and environmental responsibility, are Made Safe Certified for their use of natural and safe ingredients, Leaping Bunny Certified to never be tested on animals. All their products are Made in the USA in their Chicago-based facility (DoneGood team has toured their facility there—it’s pretty snazzy).



All-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, dish soap, natural yoga mat spray (as well as all sorts of bath, body, and beauty products)

Refill Shoppe

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Refill Shoppe not only offers non-toxic cleaning supplies (including one of the few we know to offer a safer glass cleaner), they do so in a really sustainable way as pioneers in the movement to reduce single-use plastics.

As their name suggests, the company sells products in a bottle for first use, but then you can choose to re-order in pouches so you can continue to reuse the original bottles. Since 2010, Refill Shoppe and their customers have saved thousands of bottles from stuffing landfills.

Refill Shoppe is a Certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet member. And the founder Michelle is awesome—Refill Shoppe was one of the earliest companies DoneGood approved to be added to our platform, and it’s always been a pleasure to talk to Michelle about her authentic passion for Refill Shoppe’s mission.


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