Sustainable Self Care

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Personal care that’s good for everyone! Check out our collection of natural, safe, and sustainable self care products. Then relax in the knowledge that your self-indulgence actually did the world (and you!) some good. Ahhh…

Great for animals: Look no further for a wide selection of cruelty-free and vegan beauty products and other self care staples! Our partner brands care about animals, which is why many of them are Peta-certified vegan or Leaping-Bunny certified cruelty free. From cruelty-free body lotion, to vegan body scrubs, and deodorant with no animal testing, we’ve got what you’re looking for to help protect our animal friends. (Look for the cruelty-free and vegan badges to ensure they’re certified)

Great for you: You’re putting this stuff on your body—so we get that you want it up to high standards! That’s why we’re serious about safe, natural, and organic beauty products that you’ll feel good about. Find products like organic moisturizers, chemical free soaps, all-natural bug spray, baking soda free deodorant, and way more!

Great for the planet: What’s great for everyone else should be great for the planet too! That’s why we’re all about sustainable self care products. From zero waste beauty products to plastic-free soaps, hair care, feminine care, and more! Feel good knowing that what’s caring for you is caring for the planet.

Great for other people: The people working on getting you your favorite soaps, shampoos, scrubs, and lotions are treated well, paid fairly, and given safe working conditions. It’s a good feeling!