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The DoneGood team vets every brand that sells on our site to make sure they all pay good wages and use really ecofriendly practices. — Learn More

Americans will spend $1 TRILLION on holiday gifts this year.

If we all use even a fraction of our holiday spending getting gifts that fight poverty and climate change, the impact is HUGE.


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Gifts handmade by someone paid tend to be more unique, more meaningful, and higher quality than stuff that's cranked out in giant corporate mass production factories.

So the gifts you find on DoneGood are definitely better for the world—but we think they’re also just better too. Get better gifts from better brands like these. 👇

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Solar lights and outdoor gear that give back to communities that need it most.

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Tikiri Toys

Every doll purchased generates a donation of clothing, meals, and education to girls in a Sri Lankan orphanage.

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Cozy handcrafted natural wool slippers and shoes, responsibly sourced and made by women in Kyrgyzstan earning livable wages.

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Grace Farms

Fair trade organic coffee & teas that give back 100% of profits to end forced labor.

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Timeless shoes & accessories, always made with 100% living wages and 0% net carbon.

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Erindale Tapestry Studio

DIY felt project kits for all ages made with hand-dyed wool sourced from the happy sheep that live on a family-owned regenerative farm in

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You Have So Much Power

In a supply and demand economy, you have all the power–whatever you demand, the market supplies.  The more we all demand products that are made with living wages and highly ecofriendly practices, the more the market supplies products like that. 

The more we choose to buy from brands that do good for people and the planet, the more they succeed, and the more other businesses become like them.  Eventually even the big guys start to change (because they want our money).  And the world gets better.  Just because you got something you needed to buy anyway.