5 Eco-Friendly Brands to Help Create the Perfect Summer Look

It has never been easier to slip into a summer-easy and sustainable-chic wardrobe that won't break your budget this season. And shopping your conscience has never been so comfortable. Here are some of our favorite sustainable brands that can help put together cool ecofriendly looks with a bit of sizzle.


Reistor is all about their materials, including fabrics free from non-biodegradable materials, sustainable dyes that are free from harmful chemicals so they’re safe for the environment and for your skin, biodegradable trims free of elastic or virgin polyester, non-synthetic wooden buttons and even their sewing thread is 100% biodegradable cotton. Reistor seeks to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of fashion all along the production chain from sourcing to selling to compostable packaging. Meanwhile their aesthetic aims to be minimalist, timeless, and transformative. They offer: tops, jackets. jumpsuits, pants, shorts, skirts, sets. pajamas, masks, and accessories. 

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Toad & Co

Toad & Co’s materials are vegan and recycled, organic cotton, fleece, hemp, Cashmoore® and TENCEL Lyocell. They began as Horny Toad fleece hats in Telluride, Colorado in the early 1990s, then expanded into fleece vests and jackets and now offer a wide array of apparel. They donate fleece scraps to stuff camping pillows to be sold in support of the Planet Access Company, which employs 70 adults with disabilities in the warehouse that handles all Toad & Co's product. They are also active in supporting the Wilderness Alliance and the Telluride Film Festival. To further improve their overall environmental impact they purchase RECs (renewable energy certificates) and are 1% for the Planet member. 

They sell pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, flannels, jackets, layers, underwear, and accessories for men. They sell dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, tops, t-shirts, sweaters, jumpsuits, overalls, jackets, layers, hats, scarves, underwear, and accessories for women. Their sustainability goals include 100% responsible wool, 100% recycled synthetics, 100% organic cotton, 100,000 liters of water saved through efficient production practices, and 1,000 Planet Access Company trainees employed within five years.

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WVN specializes in sustainable movement wear. Their sustainability motto is" "Heritage Led. Artisan Made." They are a Certified B Corp, meaning they’re independently certified by the non-profit B Lab for outstanding social and environmental impact. They are also GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified for their organic materials and sustainable production. They only work with Fair Trade certified factories. They sell tops, shirts, sweaters, jumpsuits, dresses, bottoms, sweatshirts, sweatpants, lounge, and pajamas. 

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Etica offers an organic collection, essential knitwear, as well as their Spring 22 line. They sell dresses. jumpsuits, knits, tops, pants, and jackets. Denims are a specialty -available in stretch, skinny, straight, wide legged, relaxed, dropped, high rise, and mid-rise, as well as shorts and skirts. Etica is committed to transparency and fair labor, community, sustainable sourcing and production. Their advancements in wash technique and state of the art equipment allow them to reduce water usage by 90%, chemical usage by 70%, and energy consumption by 63% compared to typical industry standards.  

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Brave Soles

Brave Soles strives to use all upcycled materials. That does not mean they skimp on comfort. Their high-quality foam cushioning midsoles are durable as well. Upcycled tire materials used in the soles are sourced from Haiti, providing good paying jobs there. And if upcycled materials are not available, materials  are sourced from Argentina, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, helping support ranchers in those countries. Dominican artisans who make the shoes and the bags they are delivered in are paid an ethical wage, while the customer is charged an ethical price. 

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About DoneGood

DoneGood makes ethical and sustainable shopping quick, easy, and affordable.  Brands must apply to be featured on the DoneGood site and DoneGood vets every single one to make sure they’re doing good for people and the planet before they’re allowed to sell on DoneGood.com.

DoneGood believes that the world’s most powerful force for change is the dollars we all spend.  Americans gave $475 billion to charity last year.  But we spent over 300 times more than that buying stuff!  If a fraction of the dollars we spend can help reduce poverty, fight climate change, and make the world better in other ways—the impact is huge.

Forbes called DoneGood “The Amazon for Social Good.”  DoneGood carries a wide array of products made with highly ecofriendly practices and by workers earning a living wage.

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