5 Alternatives to Gymshark if you're Looking for Sustainable Athletic Clothes—Updated for 2022

Is Gymshark ethical?

With millions of Gymshark shoppers worldwide, you’re not the only one with this question on your mind. And while it’s natural to find their athletic designs and low prices appealing, the popular UK-based brand unfortunately has less-than-desirable business practices. Concerning both labor rights and environmental practices, Gymshark fails to be making strides where it counts. On the environmental front, the brand doesn't seem to be making an effort to reduce textile waste or their carbon footprint. When it comes to fair labor, workers in their supply chain likely aren’t earning a living wage, and Gymshark does not audit any of its supply chain.

But never fear! You can find great athletic wear that doesn’t come at the expense of the planet or the people in it! DoneGood offers a wide selection of quality, high performance activewear from brands who are doing it right. Let's check out a few of them!

Groceries Apparel

groceries apparel activewear

Groceries Apparel offers a wide range of quality activewear that's perfect for someone who’s passionate about fitness and fashion as well as sustainability! Their killer collection of bras, leggings, shorts, tops, and more are versatile, functional, and comfortable, but not at the expense of their workers or the environment! They pay their employees living wages, manufacture close to home, and are obsessed with finding the most eco-friendly fabrics and dyes out there!

Pistol Lake

pistol lake activewear

Pistol Lake’s high-quality activewear and casual wear like tees, shorts, and joggers look great and do great! The guys at Pistol Lake are always working and tweaking, obsessed with making their designs the most sustainable and well-designed men’s clothes on the market. They mix in recycled materials, manufacture close to home to reduce their carbon footprint, always go toxin-free, and proudly pay fair wages in safe work environments.

Yoga Democracy

yoga democracy activewear

With a mix of monochromatic styles like Gymshark offers, but also fun designs and vibrant colors (like Gymshark doesn’t offer!), Yoga Democracy might just provide the workout wardrobe update you’ve been looking for! With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, Yoga Democracy cares that you get your workout in with a clean conscience. All their products are ethically made in the USA, 95% of what they produce is made from recycled fabrics, and their production process takes water conservation seriously!

Seek Dry Goods

seek dry goods activewear

The outdoor adventurer among us is sure to love Seek Dry Goods! Their collection of tees, tanks, and more celebrates the natural beauty of national parks, trails, and landmarks, while honoring them with eco-friendly production to keep our planet beautiful for a long time. For high-quality performance apparel that sticks with you through long hikes and tough workouts, you can't go wrong with Seek Dry Goods.

Majamas Earth

majamas earth activewear

For fun and unique athleisure wear,  Majamas Earth can’t be beat! Their funky designs look way cooler than any activewear you’ve ever seen, but perform just as well on your run or in the yoga studio. In Majamas’ ultra soft, organic pieces, you’ll look good, and feel even better! First of all, because you’ll be super comfy, but mostly because you’ll be supporting fair wages, USA-made products, organic fabrics, and low-waste production. 

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