7 Organic Cotton Hoodies that will Make you Kiss your Champion Hoodie Good-bye!

I guess you’re officially old when you start telling teenagers that you don’t understand their fashion choices. This happened to me recently when I chaperoned a group of high school students around the city of Memphis for the day and they took a detour into Urban Outfitters. When I looked around and saw them all swarming around the Champion hoodies, I scratched my head. 

You know this is exactly what my dorky suburban dad wore in the 90’s, right?

But apparently “dorky 90’s suburban dad” is the style now. Who knew? (Probably you, you seem pretty cool).

Anyway, if you’re looking for an ethical alternative to the traditional Champion hoodie, or you care nothing about Champion and just want a quality, organic cotton hoodie, we’ve got your back. Check out these 7 quality, ethically-made, organic cotton hoodies from our amazing partner brands. 

Della Hoodie - Groceries Apparel 


Check out the  Della Hoodie from Groceries Apparel if you’re looking for a classic pastel hoodie option. The lightweight Della Hoodie is half GOTS certified organic cotton, half recycled plastic and ethically made in Los Angeles. And because it’s Groceries Apparel, you know they’re putting every effort into making their hoodies good for people and the planet!

Brand Values: Made in the USA, toxin-free, vegan, organic, eco-friendly, empowers workers

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Side Zip Pullover Hoodie - Pact Apparel

Guys, check out the Side Zip Pullover Hoodie from Pact Apparel. This fair trade certified, 100% organic cotton hoodie is made so well that it actually saves 124.7 gallons of water compared to a conventional hoodie. And even though it’s a pullover, as the name implies, it has side zippers to hide an internal kangaroo pouch.

Brand values: Organic cotton, fair trade-certified factories, GMO-free, toxin-free, empowers workers, eco-friendly, gives back

Angie Hoodie - Synergy Organic Clothing

Synergy Organic Clothing is so dedicated to making organic clothes that they actually put in their name! This boxy, GOTS certified 80% Organic Cotton, 20% Recycled poly fleece is sure to be the perfect addition to your outerwear collection. The Angie Hoodie is so good for the planet that making it actually saves 83.8 days of drinking water compared to a conventionally-made hoodie!

Brand values: B Corp, GOTS certified organic, toxin-free, empowers workers, eco-friendly, gives back. 



Alpine Lake Hoodie - Seek Dry Goods 

Seek Dry Goods is the perfect shopping spot for the adventurers (and wannabe adventurers) among us! This lightweight, half organic cotton, half recycled polyester hoodie features a drawing of a beautiful alpine lake. It’s also hand-drawn, made, and printed in the USA, with water-based dyes. 

Brand Values: Member 1% for the Planet, Empowers workers, Eco-friendly, Gives back, Organic, Made in USA

Whistler Hoodie - KNOWN SUPPLY

The amazing, striped Whistler Hoodies is fair trade certified and made from 100% organic cotton fleece. But even better, KNOWN SUPPLY is passionate about connecting you with the people who make their products. Order the Whistler Hoodie from KNOWN SUPPLY and it will come signed from the person who made it!

Brand values: Fair Trade, Empowers workers, gives back



New Elina Hoodie - Majamas Earth

Super lightweight and feminine, the New Elina Hoodie is the perfect jacket to keep around for those days when you need some layers. And it goes with anything! Majamas Earth takes pride in their organic, eco-friendly, ethically-made in the USA products, so you can feel great about wearing this super comfy extra layer.  

Brand values: Organic, made in the USA, vegan, empowers workers, eco-friendly, gives back

Jersey Lush Hoody - mini mioche

Every little one needs an easy-on, lightweight hoodie for those chilly days at the park. If you’re looking for that for your kiddo, be sure to check out the adorable Jersey Lush Hoody from mini mioche! Versatile, unisex (hello hand-me-downs!), and cozy, this zippered organic cotton hoodie is the perfect addition to their closet. 

Brand Values: Empowers workers, eco-friendly, organic, toxin-free, GOTS certified organic

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