6 Ethical, Sustainable Alternatives to Gap—Updated for 2022

In my research for this post, I ran across the old Gap logo—you know, that simple navy blue and white one—and was instantly flooded with nostalgia. How many times did I carry around one of those classic Gap bags or passively view one of their iconic commercials?

For many of us, Gap was simply a part of our upbringing. But if you've begun a move towards conscious consumerism, you might wonder like I have: Is Gap ethical? Are they treating all their employees fairly? Are their practices friendly for the environment? 

The way Gap is going is encouraging. They’ve had some pretty egregious labor violations in their supply chain in the past, but there is proof that they are now making efforts to do better for the environment and their workers.

But like many other big brands, they’ve got a ways to go. While they’ve made some promises about improvements overall, they’ve failed to set important goals to carry those promises out, and they do not pay a living wage in their supply chain. 

So, be happy about their progress, but keep on opting for better brands for men's, women's, and children's apparel in the meantime. I’ve got 6 suggestions for you of brands similar to Gap in style and price who are doing good for people and the planet.



If you’re into Gap’s classic, colorful looks, we think you’ll love ABLE’s styles in women’s apparel and accessories. You’ll find similar prices too (especially with our promo code!); the difference is, when you shop with ABLE, you’re providing fair employment for women all over the world who are coming out of poverty. 

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Since you’re looking at Gap alternatives, we have good reason to think you’ll appreciate Encircled’s classic and simple feel. They are serious about making their pieces comfortable and versatile (most pieces can be worn multiple ways!), as well as ethical for their workers and the environment. Encircled is perfect for women starting a capsule wardrobe or looking for some high-quality basics!

Passion Lilie

For men’s and women’s looks on the funkier side, make sure you check out Passion Lilie! Passion Lilie's vintage-inspired collection is designed in New Orleans and handmade by women in India. Makers are all paid a living wage and use cultural block-printing and hand-weaving techniques.


With beautiful, jaw-dropping styles for women, Symbology is out to offer unique and timeless pieces that you’ll love and treasure for years to come. All their clothing is hand-crafted by female artists from India and the West Bank who use cultural printing and dyeing techniques in each garment. 

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Krochet Kids

If you’ve ever walked away from a conventional, big brand clothing store wondering, “Who actually made this?”
Krochet Kids wants to answer your question. Each of Krochet Kids’ products is hand-signed by the person in Uganda or Peru who made it; you can even learn more about each artisan on their website! For some radically transparent (and trendy) men’s, women’s, and kid’s apparel and accessories, check out Krochet Kids. 

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I know Gap denim has some die-hard fans, but you don’t have to sacrifice great, good-looking jeans to shop ethically. DL1961 offers a wide variety of high-quality, ethically-sourced men’s and women’s jeans. And through constant innovation and creativity, DL1961 is going above and beyond to make sure they’re doing good for the planet. 




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